Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trying to Catch up, Part II


This blog continues our experiences in San Miguel de Allende. I must confess that I was not a gracious guest or companion here as my thoughts were constantly driven to the problems incurred at the mysterious tope and the damage it caused. So as I tried to enjoy my stay here, inside I wanted to get home and start on the work.

We got settled in Rancho San Ramon Hotel and Campground and it was quite a change from Xpu-Ha. Hot showers with sweet potable water. A beautifully landscaped area and many acres of land where the dogs could run free. Free Wifi and English speaking owners. Did I mention showering in sweet potable water?

DSC05755 (Small)

I have no idea what was planted in this field, but our three dogs were acting like three cows, eating the grass like crop with relish.

DSC05740 (Small)

Our first whole day there, Sue spirited Helen away to Dolores Hidalgo, the center for pottery in Mexico. There is a product called Telavera that is available everywhere, but not at the prices one gets at the factories. In fact, the pottery has to come from Puebla to actually be called Telavera, like Champaign has to come from Champaign, France to be called champaign. It’s the same kind of product, though.

DSC05752 (Small)

This is the wall plate that Helen bought. From my seat at the counter, it’s right in front of me, just above the Telavera water thing on it’s stand. To my right is the canister set that I think came from the same place.

DSC05632 (Small)

The main church of San Miguel and one of the most beautiful in all of Mexico.


Ornate doors and carvings are everywhere. We could see workmen restoring a door as we passed by. The amount of fine artistry is seen everywhere.

DSC05722 (Small)

San Miguel as seen from the overlook coming into town. I had heard that San Miguel was “Gringoized” as there were so many expat Americans and Canadians living there. I did not find it so.


Sue and Brian showed us to La Posidata Restaurant where we ate at the roof top dining area. The food and the view were spectacular. The local people take great pride in their roof top gardens and beautiful flowers were everywhere.

DSC05763 (Small)

Here’s part of the group for one happy hour or hours. It was an interesting group of Mexicans and Gringos. That’s Sue on the right and behind her is a warm water reservoir.

DSC05759 (Small)

And this is the reservoir. At night, when electric rates are lower, the owner pumps this full. Then in the daytime, he uses this to irrigate the crops he has in the fields.

Next up……..working on projects in Florida.