Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the way to Haines, Alaska

We finally left Valdez this afternoon after waiting for the mail truck at the post office. Mail that I've been waiting for still has not arrived so I made out a forwarding form to have it delivered to Haines. At Haines, I can probably have it forwarded back to my mail service and we can do this all again. Priority mail means NOTHING in Alaska, NOTHING!!! So under more rain, (what else is there?) we left Valdez. We were making good time when we got behind a humongous trailer heading up Thompson Pass. There was one truck in front, pulling, and another in the rear, pushing. They were going all of 15 mph. That's OK, it soon got so foggy that I could barely see the red lights on the car in front of me, and here's this truck taking up 3/4 of the road. I was waiting for the worst, but it didn't happen. Later we passed another wide load. This one had two trucks pulling. The rear truck was attached to the trailer and was connected to the front truck by a tow bar similar to ones used to tow a car, only much heavier. The rest of the ride was uneventful.

We are now in a rather tawdry campground east of Glennallan, 500 some odd miles from Haines. We have to be in Haines on Tuesday, so we should make it.

A couple of days ago I wrote two blogs on the same day. In talking with some friends, they were surprised when we told them about our visit with the bear family. When the visit our blog, they only go to the latest, thinking they have read all the others. I guess I threw a curve with the double posting. If you go back a couple of days you will see the blog and the pictures of our encounter with a mother grizzly bear and her three cubs. It was a high point in our trip and I think you'll enjoy it.

An early night tonight, sleeping under the G D patter of rain on the roof.

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