Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

Yesterday was a very dreary day in Inverness. It was cold and rainy all day. We got a total of over two inches of badly needed rain, but it was dismal anyway. When it's like this, I want to curl up in front of the fireplace, drink hot cocoa or eat soup, or sleep. I must have some ursine blood in my body because it really wants to hibernate when the weather is so cold. Today it was much better, with some sunshine after the fog burned off.

Helen and I went to see our friend Barbara at rehab. Her progress is amazing. She is in very good spirits and is not giving them a lot of trouble. She has Rita to do that! We also met Rita, the woman who helps them clean house each week and found her to be a very nice person. Barb was having some hallucinations due to her medicine, and although that is behind her, I fear that she is now having delusions of taking the entire male rehab staff home with her. Being surrounded by such vigorous young men has gone to her head. Good luck Barb!!!

Sam, of Sam and Donna's, made a comment about his black lab being neutered, but three gals in Florida would welcome him anyway. That may be true, as he was referring to our three females, Jodie, Coco, and Sandy. Riggs is always welcome, but Sandy sure would like to have him as he was a couple of weeks ago. Sandy is in "heat", and I have never seen a dog in heat before. We always had spayed females that were neutered long before we got them. Sandy is a riot. There are no male dogs in the area that we're aware of, so Sandy is flirting with Jodie. Jodie doesn't like it and growls at her to keep her away. Sandy just perks up her ears, prances around Jodie and turns her backside to Jodie. Jodie growls and moves away. Sandy has two more weeks of taking it easy from the heart worm treatment, then she will be going in to be spayed.

My dad used to say that the best dog was a spayed female because they were generally good natured and tended to stay close to the house. Of course that was in the day when life was more rural and the dogs were allowed to wander without fences or leashes. Our three are confined to the twp plus acres of the yard that is theirs, so we have no problem. In the course of our years with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, we have had quite a number of labs, male and female, pass through our house. I have yet to see an aggressive Lab.

We got a notice last night that there is another female lab that needs to be fostered. She's a beautiful black female and she's pregnant. The story that goes with her is that her owners up and moved and just left her and a male behind in a pen. Both dogs appear to be pure bread Labs, so the puppies should be spectacular. We would like to help, but we're still burned out after the last litter. Besides, we don't have a black lab in our pack and the possibility that Helen couldn't part with the mother at the end is too great. We both love our three dogs greatly, but I can't help but think that it's going to be a bit more difficult to travel with all three. If we got a fourth, I might as well sell the motorhome.

Tomorrow I'm expecting the temperature to rise above 70 degrees. I will be elated, but I will also have to get my act together and get to some of the projects around here that need doing.


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  1. Wow, Donna would kill me if I drove down and picked up that little lady in need, But God love you guys, you have sure done your part and I hate to say I agree , with you Paul four large dogs take a lot of room and care and you would probably be really cramped in the motorhome. All is well here with the Weibel clan, Donna is working and I am tending the home fires, I was so proud of Rigg's at the vet's he just laid there and let the vet take the stitches out and even when she poked and prodded around he just laid still, He has really turned into a Gentle Ben with his little sister Sadie, Not that he still isn't a bull in a china shop when he wants to play, but when all the kids are here on the weekends he plays just as hard as they do and really has taken a liking to Nicole, who eats up the attention.I too have never seen an aggressive Lab, Even Rigg's the only time I ever saw him in fighting trim was when he was bitten at the doggie park and then he chased the aggressor off and went back to playing tug with his buddy. Hope you guys are all well, give the girls a hug from all of us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...