Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching up again!

Here I am again, behind the eight ball. I'm always falling behind in my blog. I could use the excuses that it's too darn hot and humid, or that I'm just too busy. The truth is that I'm always tired. Whether it's the heat of what, my favorite pastime is being in bed. Jodie, Coco, and Sandy are quick to join me, so I'm not alone and we all seem to be getting a lot of rest.

I got the correct torsion springs for my garage door and the door has never worked do well. Recently I've noticed how nice an smooth other people's doors work and thought I would have to change to a different brand of door opener. When I got the new springs on the opener worked like a charm. The springs that were on it were too light and were causing the opener to work so hard to get the door up. That's why I had to replace the gears a year or so ago. At any rate, the door works great and I recommend DDR Garage Doors to everyone. Don't be like me, listen to what they say!

Summer brings the Pee Wee football season and our family in Brando is fully involved. Our grandson ,Kolbie (#67), is the quarterback for the team and has improved greatly from last year. Our granddaughter, Kourtnie, is a cheerleader, but in an older division that plays later in the day. We stayed for Kolbie's game and joined the whole family at Chili's. Then we had to head home to take care of the dogs. I think that the next time we will go later to see Kourtnie do her stuff.

Kourtnie Tempesta, a cheerleader, but in civies for her brother's game.

Kolbie, waiting for the snap.

The Brandon Cowboys, ready for action!

The club videotapes the entire game. Kolbie's older brother, Branden, got the videotape and did some editing. I didn't even know that Branded was into editing but.......

To see the edited tape visit Remember, my grandson is number67. summer of 2011 is still the same. Last night Helen noticed that the central A/C to the rear of the house was not working. I checked and she was right, as usual. The compressor was working and the coil was ice cold, it's just that the blower motor was not working. I checked a few things and found that it was, indeed, the blower motor. Three hours on line and I could find nothing that matches our motor. How can that be? It's a GE blower motor and there were numerous leads, but when I looked at the picture, the motor is not the same. Tomorrow, first thing, I'm going to run to a motor repair shop in Crystal River to see what they can do.

For the time being, the main unit s doing the job, with a couple of fans pushing cool air along the floor and around a few corners.

I've been spending some time on Kevin and Ruth's travel blog. They went to Mexico last winter and will be heading back again this year. Last year they ventured way down to the southern part of Mexico where we want to go. Their pictures of Mexican towns and Pacific beaches certainly gets us wanting to go. We have a lot more planning to do, but we just might be able to make it work this year.

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  1. Went through the same thing with our old heat pump, it took a week to locate a fan motor, and then it was almost $200, but we did get about 5 more years out of it until the compressor finally seized up. When I replaced it I did not put a heat pump back in but just a regular energy efficient A/C unit, and just use the electric furnace and a wood fire in below zero weather, The Heat pump ran all the time and really didn't heat, With just the A/c we are saving what ever the difference is in the heat pump running, and the wood fire carries the house on most cold days without the furnace kicking in. Let us know when you will be gone, don't know yet what our plans are but if we can get south for a couple weeks I don't want to miss you guys.Give the girls pets and hugs all around. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...