Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're on our way!

We are heading to our meeting place in Nogales, Arizona. I'm writing this blog, but it's without pictures because I'm having problems with my HP laptop. The old Dell has been resurrected and is now doing all the work. Unfortunately, I can't download pictures to this Dell and I cannot access the internet with the HP. It started a few days ago when a friend recommended a book to me. I went on line to check out Amazon.com and was hijacked to another website. I tried several times before I got through to Amazon. Then I Googled "hijack killer" and downloaded a trial version of a hijack remover. When I ran the program it supposedly found and removed three hijack malware.
That solved the problem for a day, but the next day the problem returned. In addition, I cannot access wifi with the HP. Tomorrow we will be passing through Tucson and I found a Best Buy just one road off our chosen route. That's only about 25 miles from where we will be spending the next few days, so if I have to leave it for a day or two I can.

The first day of travel we made it to Alabama. Day 2 brought us almost to Houston. Day 3 found us in Ozona, Texas. Day 4 got us out of Texas and all the way to Deming, NM.

The ride has been uneventful so far except for a couple of glitzes with my tire pressure monitoring system. One day I got an alarm on one of the Jeep tires. It was odd because it was in alarm but it showed a pressure above the cold pressure. I removed the sensor and checked the air pressure and it was OK. The next day I put the sensor back and it has been working well ever since. This morning I had an alarm on the right rear outer tire on the motorhome. It showed a pressure well below the cold pressure, so I thought I might have picked up a nail. I took the sensor off and checked the pressure. It was at the proper pressure. After an hour or so, I put the sensor back on and it worked OK the rest of the day. I have call into Pressure Pro and I have to call customer support tomorrow.

Last night we got a terrible hail storm. It woke me up with the sound of gravel being dumped on the roof. I was positive it was hail and I wanted to get up and shine a flashlight out to see how big the hail was as there was a report on the Weather Channel that mentioned baseball sized hail in the same storm system, but over Oklahoma. I was too cozy in bed and just rolled over and went back to sleep. I'm looking forward to turning south and heading for Mexico. Here in Deming, NM, it is expected to be as low as 27 degrees. I already put the heat pump on. I did the same last night only Helen came behind me and turned the control to A/C. I'll check the control again before I turn in.

The dogs are behaving....to some extent. Sandy is keeping out of Jodie's way. Coco still sticks her nose into everything and will bark at anything strange that she sees. If I see a dog first, I am a bit prepared. If I don't her sudden, full voice bark scares the heck out of me. Helen tries to quiet her, but she ALWAYS gets in at least one last woof.

More later.


  1. safe travels...good luck with the three 'amigoes'!!

  2. Heard it was cold in New mexico, Glad to see the girls are getting along better. Rigg's was sure happy to have his Dad home after 5 days. We look forward every day to see how you guys are doing and reading about your adventures. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. We our waiting to read all about it..good luck.

  4. Looks like you are moving right along. Won't be long and the nights will be warmer. Hope everything goes well with the computer and that they can get rid of the problem for you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Nothing since November 8th? Enquiring minds want to know...?