Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wi Fi Deprived

Helen and I are doing very well here in the beautiful Patzcuaro, Mexico. The dogs are OK also except that Jodie is having a problem with her front right paw and we can't see what's in there.

I have enough pictures and information for several blogs, but the wifi at Ranch La Mesa is off and on. Lately it's been mostly off. This is Mexico. The wifi at the first campground never materialized and we were told to but a "Stick" to get internet service. I did, and while I'll admit that it's better than nothing, it's not MUCH better than nothing. I'm currently running at 9 kilobits per second.

Somewhere we will cross a spot with great wifi and I'll have to blog like a mad man to catch up.

Just wanted you to know why you haven't heard from us.


  1. Glad to hear, all is well, I hope you can get Jody's paw fixed, maybe she has one of those cactus spurs in it. Have a safe trip north we will be watching for your post's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. glad to hear that all is well..hope that Jody's paw is feeling better soon!!