Saturday, June 9, 2012

Still June in MA

It's Saturday, June 9th and we're still in Wompatuck State Park. This location works well for us because it is situated between places we want to see and people we want to see between Boston and Plymouth. It's also a great place for the dogs. The campground is a leash only area, but beyond the campground the dogs can run off leash and they do. They run and run until they stay close to me for the walk back to the camper, their tongs hanging out as they huff and puff along.

Yesterday we had dinner at Roz's and Roz is one fabulous cook! One course after another until I felt like a Thanksgiving turkey. It was all so good that it was impossible to behave myself at the table. Today we're meeting with several friends at a local restaurant to catch up on past times. It should be a good afternoon.

I'm having a continual problem posting any pictures on my blog. Using Picasa, as I always have, I upload the pictures to the web album and it says it went through and asks if I want to view them online. I click "yes" and it says I'm not allowed at that site. I thought it was because of some filter that the library uses to keep the teens from getting to places they shouldn't, but last night I was on-line at my brother's and got the same message. I am perplexed, a usual state for me recently.

At my brother's I picked up the PC board for the refrigerator and the replacement tail pipe for the motorhome. It was a comedy of errors. My brother left me a voice mail that the parts would be on the bench on his front porch. He would not be there as he was heading for the Cape. At his house, I found the tail pipe, but no PC board. I called Rick's cell phone, but it's really his work phone and he must have shut it off for the weekend. I called the house, but there was no answer, of course. Next I called my nephew, Todd. When I explained my situation he admitted that the error was his. He saw the stuff on the porch and ASSUMED that the tailpipe was something for a boat, but told his sister, Tammy, to put the other package inside. Todd called Tammy and told her to get home post haste and let me get my package. Well, Tammy was many mile away and it took her about a half hour to get home. Again apologies were made, but it was really no one's fault. A little failure to communicate. I took the time to log into Ricky's wifi and was able to catch up on some stuff.

Tomorrow we have a busy day, picking up grand kids Kourtnie and Kolbie at Logan Airport around 10:30 AM. Then Helen want's to take them to the Prudential Tower. It will be back to the camper to walk the dogs and then back to Roz's house for the evening. I sure hope it all goes well, it has been an eon since I had to navigate through Boston and I hope that we have no problems. That is precisely why we wanted the kids to fly in Sunday morning. Any other day of the week would be very difficult with the Boston traffic. That's it for now, but I hope to get my picture posting resolved before the next blog.



  1. Good to see you will have the Grandkids soon and are enjoying your visits with relatives,Sounds like the girls are enjoying their walks, I hope there is a place where they can swim nearby, If it's like where my Son's live in New Jersey none of the beaches allow dogs on them. Glad your parts came in for the fridge and the tailpipe, So far we have only had to replace one board in the three trailers we've had. We have a Dometic and from what I read they don't seem to be a problematic as the Norcolds, I sure like the one in our present fiver, it can keep the beer and left over pizza good and cold. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. You are going to have to take a vacation after all of this!!

    Have fun and enjoy your family time!!