Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Compound Computer Problems


Friends who know me understand that I am not to be trusted after I have taken my sleeping pill. When my sons call in the evening, they will ask if it’s OK to talk to me or am \I under the influence of my medicine. Unfortunately, Helen isn’t always able to keep me from doing something stupid.

Several days ago I got up in the middle of the night to email a friend. He replied that I must be hanging out with a new group of people who were taking me home drunk. When I checked the message, I was embarrassed at the gibberish that I sent him.

that didn’t keep me from trying again a few nights later. I went to bed with the thought that I would have to get a new water pump for the motorhome and decided to do some web surfing in the wee hours. It just happened that I was also thirsty, so I turned on the computer and got a bottle of Gatorade. Somehow, the drink got sloshed over the keyboard and the result was not pretty. The next day, the computer would not even turn on. I found a place in Playa Del Carmen and took it in for service. It was ready in a few hours and I picked it up. In the shop it worked very well. Back at the motorhome it had a very hard time booting up and would not respond properly. It was back at the shop first thing the next morning.

I picked it up again this AM and was told that I would really have to buy a separate keyboard as the damage to the original was too bad to fix permanently. Drat!!!! A quick trip to Walmart and my problems were solved. NOPE!!! NOT QUITE!!

Here is where I tried to insert a picture of the new keyboard, with all of the Spanish punctuation keys, but the system will not ley me do so.

DSC09464 (Small)

Oops, I found another way. Just another work a round, one after another. You may notice the letter ñ next to L. I did that by using the Alt key and 0241, which you can do on any computer. BUT, if I actually hit the ñ key, I get ;. Some of the punctuation I can get by looking at the laptop keyboard but some I cannot locate at all.


This my PC connection right now. Pathetic, isn’t it? This is the penance I will have to pay until I get back to my desktop in Florida. Gosh, am I a L O N G way from Florida.




  1. I have made a note -no Gatorade around the computer:)

  2. Paul did you spill the drink on your laptop,if so the laptop keyboards are easy to change, just finding on is the problem, my Dell had 4 screws and the ribbon cable and that was it about a 15 minute swap.From the picture yours looks like mine the plastic around the keyboard should snap off and then you will see the screws and ribbon cable, maybe you can get it out and carefully clean it and then dry it with bow dryer in the lowest setting.Have a great week we are thinking of you and the girls. Sam & Donna...

  3. We are in Belize at friends and busy. Will write more later but thought you should read the letter from Pat though it is probably too late. Have fun. Elaine

    Pat Jones
    7:15 PM (15 hours ago)

    to me
    Update for today: We are over on Mex 57D, south of Queretaro. We've done 10053 since leaving Xpu-Ha. word of warning: if you have Paul's email, let him know the road through Puebla is TERRIBLE. They are working on it. We got caught in a running traffic jam with bicycles, runners, pickups and trucks. Don't know what kind of celebration. But that was for 30 miles east of Puebla, then a crawl through ALL of Puebla. Took 2 and 1/2 hours to go that 30 miles plus Puebla (maybe 15 miles?) And I never knew Mexican drivers had more gall than Americans when it came to cutting in line!!! We gave one bird, and we received one at a different time. Geeze.

    Anyway, if you have Paul's email, let him know. He may want to bypass Puebla. We spent $2725 pecos getting this far.And we still have at least three more to go! No, not all of them were worth it. Arco Norte was $506 pesos and it WAS worth it. A little over 100 miles of really good road to get you a long ways.

    Keep in touch. And yes, we expect to see Mollie's frisbee sometime. . .

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