Saturday, June 8, 2013

PAUL, The reluctant and lazy blogger


Yes, it is all too true., I am reluctant and lazy when it comes to blogging. This is particularly true when I am very busy doing a dozen other things that crop up. Last night it was a problem with the central air conditioning and I’m working on that while I’m blogging. Did I mention that I am also a GREAT procrastinator? I was going to put that first, but thought I’d wait awhile.

OK, so whet have we really been up to in recent weeks? Nothing!

No, that’s not true, we have been very busy. On May 23, Sam and Donna arrived from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri in their 5th wheel with their wonder dog, Riggs, the perfect specimen of the black Labrador retriever. Sam had everything hooked up in short order and we had an interesting time with them.

Riggs is, above all, a water dog and he was anxious to get in the pool with our three, Jodie, Coco, and Sandy. They were all together last year, so it was just some pooch friend catching up on old times.

You can catch up on all the old news by checking out Sam’s Daily Blog at He does a much better job than I do and you will get a lot more information.

Later in the week, We were joined by Sue and Brian, who befriended us in 2012 in Mexico. They arrived in their motorhome with THEIR wonder dog, Tilly. The stayed a couple of nights while Brian and I worked on one small modification to his rig. He also showed me his installation of LED lights throughout his camper. Foolishly, I ordered the same for me and now I have yet ANOTHER project on the list.

Next on the agenda were Ann and Gerry Wright and THEIR wonder dog Bear. He is mis-named as he is really Teddy Bear. Ann and Gerry we met at Xpu-Ha campground and you might find a little more about them if you check my blogs from December 2012 to February 2013.

One of my favorite blog tactics in Xpu-Ha was to refer my readers to Brenda and Gerry’s blog. Since we were doing the same things, diving, eating, etc, I would just refer my readers to Brenda’s blog. Again, Brenda is much sharper than I am and does a wonderful blog. Go back to the winter months and you will see.

You can also check out Gerry’s new blog as he treks the 500 miles or so across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

OK, back to the air conditioning, then the Jeep, then the drivers window motor on the Lincoln, then the rear passenger window on the Lincoln, then AT LEAST START on multiple projects on the Motorhome. All the while calculating area and preparing to retile our kitchen/family room and computer/dog dormitory.

I’ll try to get some pictures up soon, but check out Sam’s blog in the meantime.

Time for my nap.




  1. Halleluyah you did it! I'm very proud of you, Now update the girls blog....pushy broad arent I?Cannot thank you enough for putting up with us for so long and disrupting your life. please feel free to come north sometime and encamp on us, afterall turn about is fair play. Givr the girls a tummy from us and as woof from Riggs.