Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally Back to the Blog


I’ve actually been trying to blog since last Saturday, but I’ve had one heck of a time with my computers. When I try to blog on my desktop, I cannot get into my accounts, but get put into a spot where I have no blogs at all. So, the only blogable (?) computer is my old HP, and generally it works fine. Generally.

However, it has not been able to connect to my home wifi although it has for a long time. In addition, Helen’s computer, my new HP, and even my old, old Dell would not connect even though they did just a  few days ago. If that’s not strange enough, my iPad connects flawlessly.

I made three calls to my internet provider and got nowhere on the first two calls to India or Pakistan. Today I was connected to an actual USA tech in St. Petersburg, Florida and he had the problem solved in only 5 minutes. What I had to do on all the PC computers was do delete the Brighthouse Network Connection, then reinstall the same connection and use the same password. I have NO idea why it would affect all the wireless devices except the iPad.

Saturday was a great day for Helen and me and the family. It’s the first time we’ve had the whole family here in quite a while. PT (Paul, Jr) came with his sons Keaton and Kyle as well as his bride-to-be Sara Anne. Scott came with his kids Kourtnie and Kolbie and his friend Melissa. Grandson, Branden, had to come by himself so he could put a few miles on his sexy BMW. Barbara, of our Citrus County family attended also.

IMG_2367 (Small)

Here are Scott, Melissa, and Branden, left to right.

IMG_2359 (Small)

Barbara is being smart enough to keep well away from the pool. I doubt that she was able to avoid all the splashes, though.

IMG_2442 (Small)

Sara Anne and PT keeping Scott’s pup Baby company. This was just a few days before PT’s 44th birthday. 44!!! Can you believe that?

IMG_2337 (Small)

Helen was getting the grill ready, but the building clouds and imminent rain forced us to move the grill back inside the screen and under the roof. It did rain quite a bit, but it didn’t dampen the spirit very much.

IMG_2346 (Small)

Coco would NOT be denied the use of the pool. Someone left the bathroom door slightly ajar and she raced through. She is starting to slow down, but she still keeps everyone entertained. Here are Kyle, Branden, Keaton, and Kolbie, left to right.

IMG_2407 (Small)

Cousins Kourtnie and Keaton enjoying a mutual hug. Sara Anne on the couch taking a breather.

Back to the computer. One day when I went to use the older HP laptop, it would not start up, no way, no how. I tried rescue discs, but it just would not respond. I couldn’t do a Malware scan since I couldn’t get the computer to respond. I do have a device for using a laptop hard drive as an external drive. After taking the drive out of this laptop and mounting as an external, I connected it to my desktop computer and was able to run Malware Bytes with the laptop drive as my “O” drive. It did find a lot of garbage and removed the offending programs. As you can see, It’s working OK now.

In addition to the computer work, I’ve also been puttering around the motorhome. Today I finished installing my internally mounted surge guard. When I plugged everything in and it all worked, I was in heaven

That’s all for now.



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