Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The End is in Sight


Many of you know that I’ve been working on re-tiling a portion of our home. I started about July 26th and I’m almost done. Actually, I have finished all the rooms and halls and only have to finish three closets. To say it has been a grueling experience is putting it mildly. Fingernails are all gone and finger tips are sore. Darn tiles have very sharp edges.

At one point I became so disgusted with  the work that I called a professional to get an estimate on finishing the job. After the call, the job started to go more smoothly and I called him back to cancel. I would put down a batch of tiles one day, and then after looking at them the next morning I would end up taking a few back up to reposition them. I feel regal because it was a royal pain! 

Anyway, with only the closets left (after I get two more boxes of tile) here are the pictures.



IMG_2487 (Small) (Small)

Kitchen, looking from the front hall toward the dining room.

IMG_2489 (Small)

Family room, looking from the front hall to the back hall.



IMG_3367 (Small)



Family room.

As I finish some stages of the project, I am throwing the old trowels and such in the trash. I will think LONG and HARD before I will take on another tile job.

Now, it’s time to get the motorhome, Jeep, and all other equipment set up for the trip to Mexico. Yea!!!



  1. Looks like you did a great job on it. Kevin has felt the same way about doing tiling. He said he could never do it for a living.

    Like the look of the new tile too, much better than the old ones.


  2. Love your new floor tiles,it makes the rooms brighter. Looks like Jodie likes them too. Hope you guys are doing well, Donna is feeling better.Just wish we could get her breathing easier, the fiver has set since we got home from your place, she just isn't ready to travel nyet. We are going to Branson near the end of the month, and Judy&Emma will be staying a few days after we are back. Have you guys set a date for leaving for Mexico.I am hoping we can plan a trip for one of the colder and snowy months this year.Give the girls all a hug from us, and tell them Rigg's misses them,and their pool. Yur friends Sam & Donna.....

  3. I put ceramic tile our bathroom, thank goodness it is small, cutting that ceramic had my fingers like yours. when I did the hall bath I used the regular vinyl tiles...so much easier...you took on one helluva project but it looks great.