Friday, June 17, 2011

I just can't get enough leaks!

After the last few days, you'd think I'd have had my fill of leaky things. No so!!! This morning Helen advised me that there was, indeed, a leak coming from under the washing machine. I pulled the machine out a ways, and ran through a whole load of laundry, keeping my eye on the underside of the washer. NOT ONE DRIP! Not as drop. I went to tell Helen and when I returned with her, to show her, there was the drip. It was not coming from under the washer, but was a small leak where the hot water hose connect to the washer. A quick tighten with channel locks and it was fixed.

I put the washer back in place and went to reconnect the dryer. There was a lot of lint behind the dryer and I found that the vent hose was not connected properly. After ensuring that the hose was well connected,I put the dryer back in position and I was done for the day.

A short time ago Helen started another wash. She was quick to react and shut the washer off and came to get me. There was water flowing out of the laundry room that Helen was trying to contain, but the water had already gone beyond the laundry room and almost all the way to my workbench. I connected my shop vac and sucked up all the water I could. Apparently, when I pushed the washer back in place, I caused the discharge hose to become dislodged from the drain. It was easy to correct the problem, but now we have a lot of wet stuff in the garage.

It's a good thing that I have so many friends, because it seems like I have enough enemies in myself. I don't just have bad luck, sometimes I go to great lengths to make bad luck for myself.

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  1. if there was no bad luck you would have no luck at all or so it seems, today!..better keep the mop handy!!