Monday, March 30, 2009

Lab Rescue

Photography courtesy of Rita Lang.

Today Helen and I had to visit the home of a couple who have to give up their Labrador Retriever, Phat Louie or Louie. The husband was heartbroken, having to give up the dog he has had since almost a puppy and now seven years old.

We brought Louie down to Pat and Lewis and he was well accepted. Jake, the resident male was not concrned with Louie at all and there was no growling or antagonism between the two. Lewis took a lot of video as he seemed taken with the dog and I expet we'll get some pictures from him.

He rode in the car extremely well, lying down all the way and falling asleep for part of the trip. He gave us absolutely no trouble and will be a great addition to some family. It is doubtful that he can be loved as much as he was by his last family, but we hope circumstances come close.

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