Thursday, April 2, 2009

Five More Labs

Here are three of the Labs. Cherri is the beautiful Chocolate Lab. Roy is the little Black Lab pup, and Frieda is the Yellow Lab.

Helen and I were called upon to move five more Labs from Gainesville back to Inverness, where our LRROF contact, Pat Bayers picked them up. Five labs in the back of the just didn't dog too many. So I did what I had to do, I had Helen drive while I held the 3 month old yellow lab puppy on my lap. That was Manny, the yellow lab male pup. Then there was Roy, a perfect specimen of the black male labradoor retrieved pup. Absolutely adorable!!! Nick was the older male chocolate lab who was very easy going and mellow, in spite of is being snipped yesterday. Frieda was a mixed yellow lab who has recently had a litter of pups, and all the pups were adopted. The last dog was Cherry, the classic example of the chocolate lab speciman. Unfortunately, I didn't have my photographer around so we have no pictures. However, it was an experience dealing with five dogs at the same time.

All the dogs behaved very well and we had no incidents or accidents.

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