Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yes, the 2008 tax season is history, Although we all expected a deluge of late filers, it did not occur. In fact, it was a pretty quiet day with no major problems and no obnoxious people. We started the day with breakfast at Cock-a doodles before getting down to work at the library. Helen had a chance to meet a few more of my AARP work mates. I was very happy to have Helen meet the crew as I work with a group of very fine, dedicated people, and I wanted them to meet Helen.

Still, I look forward to having more time to get the work done around the house that has been hanging over my head for years. California cousins are coming in a couple of weeks and we want EVERYTHING to be ship shape. Helen keeps her share of the house pretty spiffy, but my area of the garage, cabana, back yard, and closets has evolved into a pig sty. I'm working on it. Sitting herre at the computer I can see that some major work is required in this room, too. Drat!!!

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