Friday, October 23, 2009

Enjoying our stay in the Florida Keys

From Keys

We're made it to our campsite at Knight's Key resort in the middle of the Florida keys. It's 47 miles to Key West, but it's a trip we'll only take twice. This far from the bedlam that one finds at Fantasy Fest it's quiet and relaxing. The management of the campground is very mellow. Want to change the location of the motorhome??? No problem. Keep your boat on the beach right in front of your camper? No problem. Can we walk the dogs anywhere? No problem. How about guests next week? No problem. All this accommodation and half price rent, what more could we ask.

From Keys

This is the view I have from my computer. Oh, did I mention free wifi? Yes, they even have free wifi, so I don't have to go to the library.

From Keys

This is a friend of Helen's. There are a couple of them around the campground. They are relatively small, compared to most we see in the Keys, but they are a lot friendlier than others we've encountered.

Looking west from the campground just after sunset. It sure feels like paradise to us.

From Keys

Our campsite as seen from the boat basin.

I took a tour with my little Jon boat today and circumnavigated Boot Island. It was a very nice trip and since I trolled for fish as I went, I caught over a dozen barracuda and a small pinfish. I saw several stingrays and one small spotted eagle ray. The area between Boot island and Vaca Key (Marathon is a city which is located on Vaca Key) is a huge boat basin. Closer to Marathon the boats are newer, larger, and more luxurious. Nearer Boot Island you will will find the older boats in poor condition or some that are derelicts. I guess this is where some old boats go to die.

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