Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quiet time in the Keys

We had a very quiet day today, as have the last several as the hoopla that attends Fantasy Fest has not yet begun. Early this afternoon we took the dogs to DOG BEACH, an off leash dog park in Key West. As far as beaches go, it was something less than overwhelming. Dog Beach in San Diego was many acres and hundreds and hundreds of feet of beach. In Key West, the beach is about 50 feet long and extends between two piers. It was wet and the dogs had a great time. The water was very warm and had the turquoise hue that one finds in the Bahamas. It was a pretty setting as small as it was.

There were no crowds and traveling from Marathon to Key West and back was a breeze. I think I only saw one police car on the whole trip. Next week there will be many, many chances to pay a fine for speeding or poor driving. It's this quiet, laid back atmosphere of mid October that got us her the first time. We avoid holidays and lobster season completely. Things should start hopping mid week and next Friday and Saturday will be frantic. Sunday morning we'll be heading home and if it goes as it has in the past, it should be no problem. The heavy drinkers from Saturday night will not be up to making an early departure, so we'll generally have US 1 to ourselves.

That's all for now.

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