Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm At It Again!!

As you may know, I've not been enjoying the weather, my health, or myself this winter. This is one winter I will remember for a long time, as I remember the winter of 1980/81 which finally made us come to Florida. Always quick to catch a cold and slow to get rid of a cough, I've been taking it easy, drinking fluids, and getting plenty of rest. I seemed to be making progress.

This morning at 6 AM, Jodie was at the gate yodeling for her breakfast. This was much too early and I told her to go back to bed. She usually does and thus I get another hour or two of sleep, much cherished sleep.Today she was not to be appeased and continued to sing. OK, I gave up and got up. In the dark I headed for the door, but stumbled on the way and came full-force on my sternum on the corner of the bureau. Damn, that hurt....a lot! Dazed, I got up and TOLD the dogs to GO LAY DOWN! They did and I ambled back to bed. I laid there letting the pain ease as I sucked on another cough drop to avoid coughing. An hour later I got up and fed the two brutes and let them out. After they returned I returned to bed and got a little more sleep.

I am in very little discomfort if if I don't breathe too deeply, don't move too quickly, or cough at all. In my mind I'm thinking of how this can be prevented in the future as it appears I'm getting more and more unsteady and fragile. The only thing that comes to mind is a padded room, and a well padded one at that.

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