Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the Beaten Goes On

I ended up back at the Citrus Memorial ER yesterday to have xrays to ensure nothing is broken. No bones were broken, but there is massive bruising behind and around my sternum. At least I left the ER with a prescription for some great pain medication. With the medication I can breathe fairly normally and move my arms a bit. For the most comfort, I have to lie still and directly on my back. Coughing while medicated is barely possible by holding my sides and trying to keep the cough to a minimum. It still feels like someone is beating a stake through my heart, but I can bear it. With out the medication I WISH someone was beating a stake through my heart.

No broken bones, but a broken spirit is about here. Tomorrow I'll miss the first AARP TaxAide session in three years. I'll also miss Wednesday. Since I missed all the classes and now, working sessions they may wonder if I'm actually with them or not! Sometimes I get someone who is a pain in the butt, but so far this year I've had all nice people and they are so happy for the help.

Spirit breaking weather is still with us. As we cruise into March, the high temps will be 67/45 for Monday and go down from there. Later in the week we may see 65/34, but it will be considerably cooler during the week. I know that I'm not the only one tired of this winter. There was a group from Maine in the ER waiting room and they were bemoaning the fact that there had been very little snow in the Bangor area. In the news there was mention of flooding from some of the rivers due to the precipitation being all rain. Snow builds up and the rivers can handle a slow melt over time.

One TV channel was interviewing people on ST. Pete Beach. Dressed for the weather in jeans, parka, and woolen cap, they claimed that they were so happy to be here rather than up north where they're getting ten more feet of snow. I expect this to be my last negative post for February 2010.

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