Monday, March 15, 2010

More about the weather.

For many weeks I have been complaining about the weather. This year many records have been broken for length and depth of the cold weather. A few days ago we had torrential rains, heavy thunder storms, and tornado warnings. Yes, tornado warnings here in Citrus County. I guess one actually touched down in the southwest corner of the county, but not much was made of it. There was a lot more damage from tornadoes in other counties. has been pretty warm. I have reached the point where I'll take awful weather if it's warm. The temperatures are still a few degrees below normal for mid March, but it's comfortable and that's all that matters. We are running with the thermostats set to "off", so we are saving a lot of electricity.

I've been back at TaxAide for a while now and all is going well there. The longer I do this the easier it gets. Most of the clients are repeats from last year so doing the return is a snap and I rarely have to consult with the manuals.

My chest is still bothering me and I have decided to see my own doctor. If I sit still and do nothing I feel fine, but a cough will cause great discomfort and a sneeze is hell. Even driving the car causes discomfort. I'm concerned because I have so much to do before the trip to Alaska. I have work to do under the motorhome and that is impossible at this time. There are also a few tasks for friends that need to be done and I'm not up to that either. Helen has been a dynamo, working around the house and yard. I feel bad that I'm of no help, but on the other hand I'm not too concerned because we leave it all behind when we travel anyway.

That's about all for now. I'm off to my easy chair to do some reading. That's easy and doesn't hurt.

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