Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confirmed.....it was a cold winter!

I think living here through the winter was enough proof that we had a very cold winter, but now it has been confirmed by meteorologists. Depending on where one lives in the area, it has been either the coldest winter on record or the coldest winter since 1940. Speaking of records, we have had the highest winter electric bills since we move into this house in 1983. This seems to suggest that next winter can't be as bad as this one. This winter the AVERAGE temperature was 16 degrees below normal.

We are not alone with record cold weather. Every day I monitor the RV.NET website where there is a wealth of information for people who travel in all kinds of recreational vehicles. Campers in Yuma, Arizona complained about the cold. People spending the winter in the Rio Grande Valley complained about the cold winter. All this while Vancouver was having difficulty coming up with enough snow for the Olympics.

We are still planning a trip to Alaska, but you can bet that I will be getting warm woolen shirts and thermal underwear to see me through the cold weather there. Actually, now that I think of it, the cold Florida winter will make the Alaska temperatures seem more comfortable.

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