Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another day in Billings, Montana

We hadn't planned on another day in Billings, but stuff happens and you go with the flow. I had some work done on a tooth a few days before the start of vacation and it really bothered me last night. When we considered where we would be heading, we realized that Billings would be the biggest city we'd see in the US for awhile. Helen took control of the situation and her years as a dental hygienist were a great advantage. I worried about how to find a GOOD dentist because there are some butchers out there. Helen had the plan. First thing this morning she called a couple of periodontists and asked them to recommend a general practitioner. Periodontists get their referrals from general practitioners and would know the good from the bad. A dentist or doctor for that matter would be hard pressed to recommend someone they didn't respect.

We got the name of Neal Johnson, DMD and when we called we were told to come right down. It was a beautiful new office with a great staff. All seemed personable and professional and it was a good experience in spite of my tooth. The tooth will need some real work when we get back to Florida, but I should be OK for the rest of the trip. Dr. Johnson told us to keep his card if we should have more questions later in the trip.

Then with some extra time and good weather we took the dogs out for a run. They were really hyper to get out and they really ran their hearts out. Well, Coco did. Jodie plays for a bit then rests.

We're also getting some stuff in the motorhome and Jeep cleaned up and organized for later in the trip.

That's all for now.

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