Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hanging around St. Louis

We made it to St. Louis on the second night and are staying in a campground associated with the Casino Queen. The rates are very cheap but the facilities are spotless. The wifi that was mentioned in the ad do not exist, so I have to use the connection at the Casino Queen Hotel. They gave me a modem and told me to go into a room and compute. I'm sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room with the computer on my lap. No desks. This is going to be a short report.

Weather is hazy and gray with occasional showers. Rained a great deal last night and this morning. We were advised to take the rapid transit across the river to the St. Louis Arch as the streets in that area are all flooded. We are going to hang in one more day, hoping for better weather tomorrow. Good weather or bad, we'll be gone the day after.

That's all for now

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  1. Paul! I am sorry that we didn't connect before you left. I saw that the dogs posted that the internet access is sporatic. Hope you didn't get caught in storms. They passed quickly here in Central Illinois!