Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold, colder, coldest...

Tonight we will be in the third night of a cold spell. 32 degrees Sunday night, 23 degrees last night and expect even lower temperatures tonight. OK, I've had enough!! I'm ready for spring. According to the weatherman, this is a good sign because the winter forecast was for the coldest weather to occur in December, becoming more moderate through the rest of the winter. He also said that we didn't get the really cold weather until January 6th of last winter. Can we trust them? Even colder weather is expected next week. I was in bed last night when it dawned on me that the very cold weather may harm some systems in our motorhome, so around 1:30 AM, I went out and put the heat on. I set the thermostat to 40 degrees, so I won't be using too much propane.

Helen took Sandy to the vets this morning to continue on her heartworm treatment. We've had her on heartworm preventative and antibiotics leading up to today. Helen dropped her off at 8:30 this morning and she picked up Sandy at 4:00 this afternoon. Other than the small patch that they shaved for the injection, she seems none the worse for wear. The difficult part of this is that for the next two months we have to strongly curtail her activity. No running. No playing with Jodie and Coco. Every trip outside has to be done on the end of a leash. In a month she goes back again for a two day visit, getting one shot the first day and a second shot the next. In addition, she has to be placed in a cage if we decide to go out. I feel bad for here because she is a very lively dog and has become the activity director of the pack. She's the first to want to go out and lets us know with a low, long woof. Then, Jodie and Coco get on the bandwagon and soon the barking will deafen a person. We are fortunate that the problem was caught early, before permanent damage could be done and the vet says chances of success are about 98%.

We will keep you posted.


  1. The poor dog has gone thru a lot in the past year. She tuff she will pull out of it.

  2. It's 10 here right now (wind chill close to 0)...while spring would be nice, I'll settle for your temps! Love the new profile pic!

  3. Poor Sandy, I hope she is in the 98 per cent. The other two will be wondering what the trouble is. Hope your cold snap will end soon, I can't believe it's colder in MO & Fla than up here in PA, although we have seen a small amount of snow, Wonder what the fur babies would think of snow in Fla. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  4. try and stay warm!!..raining cats and dogs here!!..spring will be there before you know it!!