Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Weeks before Christmas and all through the....

OK, It's been much too long since I've been camping and I'm getting a little daffy. Besides that, temperatures to 27 here in the sunny south don't thrill me. AND, temperature down to 20 are forecast in the next few days. Guess I'll have to add some heat to the motorhome as I do not winterize. Who thought you'd have to winterize here in Florida?

The pool is COLD, 59 degrees, but the dogs (Jodie and Coco) love it all the same. Sandy grabs one tennis ball and keeps it in her mouth the whole time they're out. I have to wash it off afterwards because it is SLIMY. Ugh!!! I go out from time to time to throw the balls and toys in the pool. They want to play in the pool, but they want to play in the pool with ME!! So I toss everything in the pool and that gives me some free time.

Helen is in Christmas mode and is decorating the tree. We have ornaments made by our grandchildren in recent years as well as a couple made by our sons so many years ago. In addition, Helen has seen fit to purchase tree ornaments from far away places that we've traveled to. From Labrador to Mexico and from Alaska to Key West, there are ornaments on the tree. I help by moving the heavier pieces of furniture, but mostly I help by keeping out of the way.

Below is my rendition of "Rockin' around the Christmas tree".

I suppose some of you are starting to doubt my sanity. Not a problem, Helen can confirm that I'm as nuts as I appear to be. A few minutes ago I mentioned to Helen that I was going to go to Walmart later this afternoon. She wisely counseled me that it was Sunday and Walmart would be a madhouse. Of course she is right.........again.

With Helen dedicated to Christmas decorating, I'm the chief cook and bottle washer. I will rely on my old fall-back dinner, paskeddy. The sauce is simmering and my taste buds are going into overdrive. I guess it's best not to go food shopping in this condition.

Well, the quadrupeds are getting restless, so its time to hose off the chlorine and dry them off. I have a system where I use my air compressor and an air nozzle to remove most of the water and then use a towel or two to finish the job. The only problem is that they both love the process, so as I'm blowing down the first, the second is trying to get under the air stream, and that's OK. However, as I'm doing the second, the first tries to get under the air and I end up spraying water back on her. So now I have to do one and see it to completion, then put her inside.

That's the end of my Sunday mumblings.


  1. I used to love when George Carlin would say his favorite people were the crazy people, "the ones that live where the busses don't run".I am one of those, Boy I hope you guys get some warm weather soon , even I like the pool to be above 80 degrees, Donna has to have summer 90 degree bathtub temps.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. love the rocking around the christmas tree!!..very funny!! :)