Monday, March 14, 2011

Old pictures

Since we got the new camera several months ago, the Sony that we relied on so well during vacations has been neglected. Never mind that it is the camera of choice when we want to carry a less bulky, less intrusive camera. So we had the small camera with us Friday when we took our grandson, Kyle, out for his birthday.

I was surprised to see some of the pictures that were taken, only to be long forgotten.

Lorena on the left, Helen and an unknown lady from the campground in Lake Panasoffkee. They organized a trip to the Dinner Theater in Hudson, Florida and Helen and i were invited. We had seats only a few feet from the stage and had a grand time. This was January 22nd and it was COLD!!!

This is the group of RV Dreamers who met for lunch at Smokey Bones in Lakeland on January 31st. In the background, under the big picture is Donna (Froggie) and Stu, who were the organizers. Nearly everyone there is a full timer and it really got me thinking. This is especially true as I continue to work in the yard. Many hours and a lot of aches and pains later and there is not much difference. What I now realize is how much more work awaits.

We had our friend, Lorena, with us for several days while her motorhome was being repaired at a body shop in Leesburg. We dropped her off Friday afternoon on our way to pick up our grandkids in Clermont. I couldn't help but notice the Harley-Davidson sitting there, though it's not really what caught my eye.

While motorcycles are very popular in Florida, especially with the older folks, you don't often see a bike like the one above. Foolishly, I didn't look close enough to get any information, I was just taken with this relic of the past. Someone has put some work into a restoration job that staggers the imagination.

Mostly, though, I can recall seeing some similar bikes and sidecars in WW II and Indiana Jones films and I don't think a fast ride over dirt roads would be that enjoyable. I'm hoping that Sam, Stu, or someone will shed some light on what this is.

This is my grandson, Kyle. Eight years old and counting. He tends to be a quiet fellow when his older brother, Keaton, will leave him alone. The brain in the family he is one of the top students in his grade.

He was a little light on the food, but he sure made up for it with the ice cream. He had me get him a cone and I got him a BIG one by my standards. He went through that one in no time and had his brother get one that dwarfed mine. No room for meat and potatoes, but a bottomless pit for ice cream. We'll be seeing more of him and his brother when they spend spring break with us.

Now I'm back to more mundane things, like cutting up the trees I've taken down. I have to admit that I'm still doing the work, but no longer suffer the aches and pains later. At the library where I work on taxes, one of the librarians thought that I looked like I lost some weight. That's always nice to hear. I think I've earned an ice cream myself.

I think I'm caught up on the blog........for now.


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  1. It can only be on of two makes that were made for the German Army during WW2, BMW & Zundapp made them with opposed horizontal cylinders like a VW. I would think they would be very rare here in the USA. Harley Davidson made the WLA during WW2 with a spring front end. and a v-twin with flatheads.These too are rare, but not as rare as their german counter parts. Good to see Kyle is a good student, there are rewards to be on the honor role as Adam found out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.