Monday, April 11, 2011

Over 96 degrees today!

Yes, it was a short Spring as we are now into the sweltering heat of Summer, but Summer is still months away. We are still in the process of working around the property. Helen is busy planting flowers and putting in plugs of grass. She's trying very hard to cover all the bald spots in the lawn caused by the last two cold winters. I hope it works and I also hope that we have a couple of more temperate winters.

I am still in the process of taking down trees and vines. In fact, I want to take down 15 trees along the street. They have grown so much in the last 29 years that they tower over the electric wires and lean out way over the street. Some years ago I was taking down trees at my Aunt's house and there were a lot that were very close to the wires. I have an aversion to becoming electrocuted, so we hired a commercial tree service. He gave us a reasonable price and we hired him. When I asked when he could start, he informed me that he was not allowed to trim within 10 feet of the power lines and the electric company would do that. Hurump!!! If I had know that, I could have called the electric company and finished the job myself. This time I know the system. I called Progress Energy and a man stopped by today to look at the trees and agreed to trim the 15 trees. He used a can of spray paint to put a bright red spot on the trees being cut.

In addition, I took down another mostly dead tree. The last of it is still burning, but there is very little left. It was quite a job because of the heat. I'd make a few cuts and take a wheelbarrow full of wood to the fire and then run inside to cool off. In awhile I'd be back out for a while and then I'd be back in. I'm also changing how I cut the trees. In the past, I would cut the logs into 2 foot pieces. Then I started cutting them in 18 inch pieces. Today I'm down to 10 inch sections that I can lift into the wheel barrow. When I get to the point where I'm cutting the logs into 2 inch slabs, it will be time to quit.

I've had a cool shower and I feel much better, but I AM WORN OUT!!!

Tonight Helen cooked the last piece of King Salmon that we brought back from Alaska. It was delicious. The King salmon is gone and the halibut is all gone. I have 8 pieces of pink salmon, but it's not really very good, especially compared to halibut and king salmon.

Well, it's going to be an early night tonight. The last two days of AARP TaxAide are tomorrow and Wednesday. Hooray!!!


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  1. Looks like summer weather is hitting your place, we had it hit 90 on Saturday here. but it'w cooled down again only supposed to be in the 50-60's the rest of the week and maybe a hard freeze fri and sat nights.Needless to say I put off dewinterizing again although I will check the A/C on the trailer today, last year it was stuck and I had to have a skinny kid climb up and take the cover off and spin it and spray it with wd40 then it worked fine all summer. So today I will see if it will start after setting all winter. Dometic says it's common on their units.Looks like the dogs are all doing fine,I hope your three are all well and fit,Don't have a clue yet when we will be able to head toward Fla , I am hoping for the fall after it starts getting cold here, Not like my last winter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..