Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today was the day that many of the AARP tax people gathered for the annual picnic. First, P.J. Cooper should be commended for the great job she did putting the whole thing together. Paul could have been more helpful if he'd watch himself on the ladder. I thank both of them. Second, I apologize right now for not having remembered the names of the attendees and spouses. My bad!

Leo and Spouse taking it easy (see apology above).

Helen and Leo in mortal
Blongoball combat!

Taking score from the other side. It might not be fair.....PJs husband, Paul, is the score keeper.

Sitting around and NOT talking shop.

Oh Boy, Names...Al, Rebecca, and John's head.

With no dogs in attendance, I had to find a four legged friend somewhere!

Aha! So that's where they've been hiding the snacks!

And we thought the tax season was over!!! Some people are determined to make it last.

Wadda ya mean I'm slow? I'm not slow, I'm thorough!!!

It's not eye-hand coordination, it's the facial contortion that helps the throw.

Joe is taking measurements and PJ is doing the QR. Soon they'll be turning these out by the hundreds.

This is just like being at the Lakes Library. Eileen is earnestly telling Bob something and Bob is not really paying any attention at all.

Blongo Ball...a spectator sport............who knew???

Oh, I hope Bill doesn't hurt himself.

Hurt myself?...Hurt myself??? Watch this Maddy!

Sherry, looking for a way to exit gracefully.

All kidding aside, it appeared the everyone was enjoying the picnic. Everyone was engaged in conversation. There was way more than enough food and drink and the weather was nearly perfect. My thanks again to those who put this together.

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  1. Looks like a great day for a picnic, that's what we need around here some nice picnic weather, hope all is well with you and the girls, be safe out there,, Sam & Donna....