Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Friday afternoon we got a call from our son, Scott, saying that the family would be up during the weekend as 15 year old Branden, with his learner's permit wanted to get in some driving time. Helen suggested Sunday and plan for dinner. Helen prepared a major dinner of ham, potatoes, corn on the cob, and more. She baked a berry pie Saturday afternoon and I followed with a batch of brownies made just the way I like them, cake like instead of chewy and with walnuts. They rolled in a little after two and were not rattled, so apparently Branden did a good job driving here from the Tampa area.

The two older kids, Branden and Kourtnie arrived with laptops in hand and immediately set up on the counter. They quickly connected to my wifi and between their computers and their phones, were in close contact with the world outside of Inverness.

Branden, set up and keeping tabs on the world news.

Kourtnie probably keeping tabs on her circle of friends. Out of sight doesn't mean out of touch.

Kolbie, just keeping out of mischief.........for now.

Here Scott is watching Kolbie make another jump in the pool.

This is the same jump a fraction of a second later. You can see the three dogs wanting to get into the pool. As the kids would run around the pool, the dogs would run from one side to the other, trying to get in a door. Unfortunately, the dogs don't work out well with people in the pool as they tend to scratch the people while trying to play with them.

Later on during the same dive. I love the burst function of the camera allowing a machine gun effect as the pictures are taken at a rate of almost 4 per second.

Now it's off the diving board. Kolbie doesn't know the word "fear". He doesn't know the word "moderation" either.

The underwater light burned out. Replacement requires someone (but NOT ME) to unscrew and remove the module. Water is 82 degrees........WAY TOO COLD for Gramps to be in the pool. I could have done the job, as I have a wet suit and hood that would make it bearable. I kid you not! It's wet suit time until the water nears 90 degrees. I really appreciated Branden's help.

OK, work is done...... back to enjoying the diving board.

This is Branden and his Tugboat. We bought it for him about 15 years ago and it has been the vehicle of choice for him, Kourtnie, Keaton, Kolbie, and Kyle, in that order, I think. The original seat fabric rotted many years ago from immersion in the chlorinated water. Helen's Mom made a new one that has lasted ever since. Helen and i thought it might be time to pass it along to someone else, but Branden and Kolbie had so much fun with it that we may have to reconsider. What used to be Branden's Tugboat has now become his submarine when he puts his weight on it.

Kourtnie, Branden and Kolbie in a family jump.

You gotta keep up your social contacts or become a cast off!

Heather, seeming to be enjoying the day. In fact, it was an excellent day with nary a bad word between the kids, or between the parents and kids, or between the grand parents and kids and grandkids.

Would you please not stand in front of the TV? I'm trying to watch the Atlanta / Orlando basketball game!

Oops, almost a smile! It just slipped out when she wasn't concentrating

Branden refused to pose for a picture with his Mom while the big game was on. He claimed that he wasn't really rooting for Orlando, when Orlando lost, he didn't want to pose at all. Obviously Mom had an other idea.

Easter turned out to be an exceptional day. The weather was perfect. The kids and dogs were all well behaved, though Coco was a bit frustrated to see the pool in use and not be a part of it. The food was excellent, but there is too much pie and too many brownies leftover. Oh my!

Scott and at least the boys will be back during the week to do some 4 wheeling in Scott's Jeep out in the state forest. I imagine Branden will do much of the driving. I guess were going to do some geocaching too.

More later.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great holiday with your family, the kid's sure do enjoy the pool, poor Jodie she must have been frantic to get in the water.Glad to see the day went well & the dinner too, you wouldn't have had much left over pie if I had been there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. what a great looking family you have! the pool shots! and rainy here so a swimming pool looks pretty darn nice with the sun shining..poor 'four legged kids' having to stand by and watch all the two legged kids having all the fun!!!