Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not exactly the bees knees

I was out again this morning, getting ready to remove another tree or two and I was running my heavy rope from the tree to the back of my Jeep. I do not use my Boy Scout knowledge to cut the tree in such a way as it will drop where I want it. Besides, the trees are slanting so far in the wrong direction that without the rope, they would fall into the telephone lines. The power company trimmed them back far enough that they would not hit the power lines high on the pole, but the telephone and cable lines are much lower and would not hold a tree well.

Apparently I stepped into a yellow jacket nest that had been unknown and unseen and all hell broke loose. I was stung several times as I ran into the house with more stingers behind me. Helen told me to immediately take to Benedryl and I went into my bathroom to do so. In the mirror I could see yet another yellow jacket on my Tee shirt and quickly did it in before it could sting me. However, there was another one flying around. I grabbed the Benedryl and ran, closing the door behind me. My protectress, Helen, went back in with a swatter and killed TWO that were in there. By now, several minutes had passed and I thought the problem had passed.

That was not the case as one more had worked its way under my shorts and nailed me RIGHT IN THE BUTT!!! What a nasty little........... I have at least ten welts from the damn things and I still have to retrieve the rope. Perhaps later. Helen is keeping her eyes on me looking for any indication of a reaction. For my part, I sort of relaxing as I contemplate how to rid my yard of those nasty bugs. First, I'll have to find out where they are (I'm guessing pretty close to where I dropped the rope). Then I will find some spray that will kill the whole underground colony.

Many years ago Helen's parents had a problem with an underground colony of yellow jackets back in Massachusetts. They all go home at night and are vulnerable then. We got a large pot of boiling water and poured it into the nest. The problem was solved. A day or two later and we dug up a nest the size of a football. I'll keep you posted.

Sam.......sometimes it's difficult to stay safe or be careful!

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  1. Yeah I remember my last bout with a stinging insect or snake, don't know which but it felt like a white hot lance when it got me.I had all I could do to get in the house before I felt the effects of the bite was on benedryl also.Hope you get the problem fixed right away, they can gang up on the dogs too. Sam & Donna..