Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things have been going better.

So naturally I had to do something to shake things up. Our newest dog, Sandy, is terribly afraid of thunder. So much so that nothing will stop her from getting to a place where she feels safe. When we're awake, she's happy to be with me and Helen. At night, she will only settle for a place on my bed. I have put up gates and she just muscles through or over them. I tried putting a gate a bit higher, with the bottom about six inches off the floor. The height is enough to deter her (I think), but she will not try to climb underneath. The height is low enough that I can cross the gate with out raising the pitch of my voice, usually. Yesterday Helen called me to the pool and as I tried to navigate over the gate my left foot got caught and I found myself on the tile floor and in a lot of pain, I mean A LOT OF PAIN. I screamed for Helen. I was in great pain and couldn't move. Helen came in and gave me an ice pack for my leg and a pillow for my head. I laid there as the pain subsided, but it was about a half hour before I could get up.

Going to the ER was out of the question as I go there often enough when I think I'm dying and I didn't want to waste a visit on a stupid fall. I'm on pain killers and crutches and that will have to do for the time being. If I sit just right and don't move too much, it doesn't hurt at all. If I don't sit just right or move the wrong way, I get a really sharp pain. Monday morning I will try to get in to see a doctor. In the meantime, I'll just have to sleep with all the dogs, again.

Sam says "Stay safe". I should listen.


  1. Hey your house sounds like our house and I triped over our and about fell down the stairs.
    Annie is so terrified of storms she just walk's and walk's and shake's the whole time.

  2. Wow Paul, you sound like me, i have hit the floor several times in the last couple of years, just clumsiness I suppose, but i agree it hurts a lot more in your 60's than it did in you 20's.Been lucky with Rigg's he doesn't mind the the thunder at all. Hey like Sgt Estrehaus used to say. "Just be careful out there". Sam & Donna.