Friday, March 30, 2012

A Blog for Donna

There hasn't been too much to blog about since our return from Mexico. One week we took out #1 son and his family to Carrabba's in Clermont and the next week we took out #2 son and his family to Willies Fish House in Valrico. Mostly it's been a case of getting the house and grounds back to normal.

Yesterday Helen went i for cataract surgery and it went very well. This morning she went back to have the patch taken off and the results were better than expected. No complications and she can already see very well. The surgery for the other eye is being postponed until a later date as there is no real need to have it done right now.

I did get the parts for the repair of the slide awning and the process went much better than I would have thought. It was a bit difficult to slide the beaded edges in the channel, but I used some goop to lubricate the process. The goop is the stuff electricians use to pull wires through conduit. It's slimy and slippery, but it really works well.

When Donna and Sam visit from Missouri, I will have more to report, but until we leave for Massachusetts in June, there is not much worth mentioning around here. I may have to fake my blog and start writing fiction.



  1. my name on a blog in capitals.
    Glad Helens eye surgery went so well. to me always scary when its around the eyes.
    Hey Sam always can think of something to say, so
    glad you were able to come up w/ something.
    Give all 4 of your girls a big hug and kiss from

  2. So glad that Helen's eye surgery went well. Can't wait to see what you get into when Sam and Donna roll around. The dogs will have a great time for sure.

    Kevin and Ruth