Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Mumblings

Helen had her cataract surgery Thursday and it went off with out any problems or complications. Friday Morning, we returned to the Vision Center and they took off her patch and checked her vision. To say that Helen is pleased would be a great understatement! She can see to drive ( which means a lot to me when I'm riding shotgun), and she watches TV in the clear. No longer do I have to read her the TV listings off the screen. She does complain that a lot of her favorite actors and actresses have developed some aging lines since she was able to see clearly. Now it's just a matter of keeping up with the drops in her eyes for the six weeks or so. I never really understood what cataracts were and decided to check on-line. If you are interested, go to You Tube and check out a couple of operations. It's a lot less involved than I thought. Very interesting, especially for someone who will be in the market for the same thing in a few years.

I'm still working on the problem with my need for iron in my blood. Another visit with Dr. Acevedo and I'm more convinced that he's the one I want to work with. He goes into my blood results much deeper than anyone else. Also, his office has a system where I can check my charts on-line. I was able to find the last blood test that I had before vacation and, to me, it clearly showed me that my iron and hemoglobin were in the "normal" range, but right on the bottom of the scale. Asking for a little more iron infusion was not out of line at the time. Dr. Acevedo is set to increase my iron a bit and set me up for two infusions. We tried to slip one in yesterday, but they needed some information from my primary doctor and he takes Friday afternoons off. So it will be one infusion next Friday and one the following Friday.

Today I was sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee, wondering how I would use my free time. I should not have worried as Helen soon advised me that the clothes dryer was not heating up. This was going to be easy, I foolishly thought. The heating element must have burned out. Nope, that wasn't it. has to be the thermal overload fuse. Nope, when the fuse blows, the motor will not run. The motor runs, so it can't be the fuse. The thermocouple looks fine and so does everything else. However, when I turn the dryer on, I'm only getting 70 volts AC to the heater. There are a few more thing I will try before I turn to the professionals.

I just finished a SKYPE conversation with Sam, whose birthday is tomorrow. Be sure to send him congratulations..............or condolences as he's not a kid anymore.



  1. We just lost a dryer to a lightening strike. Wish I would have had clothes in it , I'l bet there would have been fry.Thanks so much for the birthday call, Counting the days down before our trip to your place starts, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Hi 'borrowed Sam's Saturday title!!..hope the dryer fix is an easy one!!

  3. So glad Helen's surgery went so well.
    Good thing that she didnt look at you and go
    "who are you?'
    When I was a kid I had a choice eat lots of liver or take iron pills....I took the pills. Of course everything tasted like a rusty nail.
    Hope they figure out why your levels are so low.
    See you in 19 days! woohoo