Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working against the tide

It seems as though I never manage to get more than a few steps ahead before I have to go back again. Last week, our clothes dryer went on the fritz and I'm waiting for a new heater relay. It should be in the mail today.....I hope. The directions that came with the dryer are impressive and it made the diagnosis easy. In the first place, you put the dryer in diagnosis mode and you get a few beeps. Then, as you operate any of the things that will cause the machine not to run, a beep signals that it's OK. Open the door......beep. Move some of the controls........beep. Eventually that left the heater control board (EXPENSIVE TO REPLACE), the heater relay, and the thermostat. They gave specific directions on how to check the heater relay and the test showed the relay to be bad. I'm not always a great diagnostician and have, in the past, had to change several components of something before I hit the right one. I'm not complaining, it's still a lot cheaper than having a pro fix it.

So here I am waiting on the relay and killing time by cleaning up some of my areas around the house, those areas that I would be embarrassed to have someone see. This is where Helen returned from shopping and says " get a pair of scissors, we had to tie the trunk down." This is on the Lincoln and there is a power latch that allows you to easily close the trunk, then a little motor operates to pull the lid in tight. The bar that the latch engages rises when you open the trunk and lowers once the lid is reengaged. When Helen opened the trunk, it unlatched, but the bar didn't rise and the lid can't close enough to make contact. This is a second occurrence of this problem, the first being several years ago.

Right now the trunk mechanism is at the very top of my work list, but only until the relay arrives. The problem with it happening so long ago is that I don't remember exactly what I did, so I'm starting from scratch. I'm glad to have something interesting to occupy my time.

Update to the above information: The heater relay came and was installed in no time. It was the problem and the dryer is working fine.

I dis-assembled the trunk mechanism and put it back together and it's working fine also. I'm having a great day after all.



  1. Well we are going to have to start calling you Mr Fix-it. Glad you were able to find the problems and fix them. I know everyone has to make a living, but sometimes the service calls just to find out what is wrong w/ something are prohibitive and cost more than the repairs.
    15 days to go