Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visitors from Missouri

First of all I want to give you some excuse as to why it has taken me so long to put this in a blog, but I'm a bit short of brain cells right now. So, I'm going to reserve the option of coming up with an excuse later, if one should pass through my mind. Amen

Friday afternoon our friends Donna and Sam Weible and their wonder dog, Riggs arrived for a short vacation. Helen and I were ready for them with a spot for their camper with water and electric and plenty of room for Riggs to run around. We haven't seen them since our return from Alaska in 2010, but we read his blog each day and we have been in contact besides the blogs. We wondered how all the dogs would get along, but it went very well, a sniff here and a sniff there and they were all friends. There is more to tell, but I'll let the dogs tell it on their blog.

Now Donna and Sam are nice people. Donna brought Helen a fancy Bamboo plant. Sam brought me cold weather and rain and also three baby robins (we think). They are residing in our laundry room and Helen is feeding them frequently and they seem to be doing very well. Now, when we pull the car into the garage we can hear a chorus of barks coming from inside the house and tweets coming from the laundry room.

I think many of you already know Donna and Sam. Here, Sam is waiting for supper while Donna is trying to keep Riggs in line. She didn't have much of a problem because as big as Riggs is, he's a pussycat!

Here's Riggs, Donna and Sam again. A big part of the visit was to get all the dogs in the pool. Our three dogs are used to the pool as that has been their main swimming area for years. The "Cement Pond" was new to Riggs and he entered the water with some trepidation. He is used to the gentle slope of natural ponds and having to navigate steps or (heaven forbid) jump off the side was not to his liking. However, he's a sharp pooch and he was soon going up and down the stairs like a pro. Jumping off the side is still a bit of a problem.

This is the spot where Donna and Sam will be staying. It's in our residential area, of course, but they have plenty of room and privacy. Plus, Riggs has the run of the property, not that he need much room to roam as he is almost always at Sam's feet.

We took a ride to the western end of Citrus County, where the county meets the Gulf of Mexico. Helen and Donna are caught in the strong wind blowing off the Gulf. The sun felt warm and it was comfortable out of the wind, but decidedly cool where the wind blew.

This is THE ocean beach for Citrus County. Fort Island Gulf Beach is a small beach that seems to get a lot of use. The beach has to be replenished with new sand from time to time, but it attracts a lot of Florida people because it's really the only ocean beach for miles, so people from many counties can be found here.

Please disregard the posting date in the header. Lets call this Sunday, April 21, 2012. Thanks.

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  1. You have a nice set up there for Sam and Donna. Looks like the dogs are really enjoying that swim time, they will keep other busy for sure. Glad that you are all having a great time. I am sure the temperatures will improve. It's nice to see Donna getting the relaxation that she needs.

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    Kevin and Ruth