Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mission Possible

Many of you know that our tree dogs, Jodie, Coco, and Sandy are dogs that have been rescued by Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida and were adopted by us. Some of you also know that we work with LRROF from time to time, performing home inspections, transferring dogs, and even fostering two mother Labs and all the puppies. That's how we got Sandy. We got her from an area dog shelter the day before she and her nine puppies were going to be euthanized.

By the time the puppies were all adopted, eight weeks later, Sandy had found herself locked deep in Helen's heart and there was no chance that we would not adopt her also. She got along with Jodie and Coco from the start, though she was a bit protective of her pups. It also helps that she is the cleanest and best behaved of all our dogs. A real sweetheart on so many levels.

This week we were called upon to help transfer another Lab. Daisy had been found and rescued in Valdosta, Ga, and needed a ride to New Port Richey, FL. Another volunteer, Cindy Davis would pick up the dog in Georgia and drive her to a meeting place north of Gainesville. Helen and I met Cindy and moved Daisy into our Jeep.

I'd like you to meet Daisy. Unfortunately, I can't tell you a lot about Daisy because her history only goes back to when she was turned into the Georgia Animal Shelter. She mostly Lab,but we have no idea what else is in there. At 44.5 pounds, she's on the small side but appears to be about a year old. I can attest to the fact that she is a VERY sweet girl who gave us no trouble at all. When we first met, she leaned against me looking for attention and affection and she got both. On the drive from Gainesville to New Port Richey we heard not a whimper or yelp.

It turns out that she had almost all of her shots and is heartworm free. That's always a cause for joy as so many dogs do not get the proper care and are turned over to us in poor shape. Sandy was heartworm positive and had to go through the process of shots to rid her body of those parasites. Daisy is alert and very friendly.

Since we drove her straight to New Port Richey, she didn't get a chance to meet our three, but just as we got to the home of Pat and Lewis, Lewis was just pulling in with two more labs in the back of his van. Daisy was quick to make friends with Judy and Amber, accepting them as they accepted her. We took the three dogs out to the pool area behind the house and let Daisy free. She was soon making herself at home and seemed to be at ease in her new surroundings. She had already met Judy and Amber, but there were more Labs inside waiting to meet and greet (sniff and sniff in dog speak).

Pat and Lewis have recently placed their 800th Lab with waiting families. Jodie, Coco, and Sandy are three of them. Lewis was just coming from an adoption show and told us that Amber was going to be 801, pending a routine home inspection.

Several dozen Labs have passed through our house on the way to their "forever" homes. We have yet to see one with any aggression and all seem to have the loving personality for which Labrador Retrievers are known.


  1. breaks my heart to think of all those dogs looking for a forever home...Daisy is so darn cute!!!

  2. You guys do great work for the ones that can't help them self..Thank You!!

  3. God is holding a special place for you and Helen. You both have hearts bigger than the world. Would say more but dont want to become maudlin.
    Will see you in a few days.