Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Bird

Sadly, at this time we are down to one bird. We started with Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. Nod was quite a bit underdeveloped compared to the other two and was often trodden upon by his healthier siblings. He was not an aggressive feeder, but Helen always made sure he got his share. It didn't make any difference and soon Nod was gone. The other two seemed to be doing very well, growing many feathers and appearing to be very active. Helen would clean the cage every day, placing them in a bucket while she did the cleaning. One day as she went to clean the cage, Wynken let out one loud screech and collapsed, as if he'd been shot. To say that Helen was devastated would be putting it mildly. Helen seems to bond instantly with animals in need. That's why we have three Labs and have raised 2 litters of puppies for LRROF. I buried Wynken in the yard next to Nod.

Blynken is another sort. He, or she, was the most precocious of the three and was the alpha chick from day one. In addition to his feedings, Helen would take him out in the yard to get him used to being outside. He would bob along the ground picking up worms and insects that we could hardly see and soon he was depending on Helen's feeding less and less. Then he would flap his wings furiously as he skittered across the yard. But, for the most part he chose to do his scavenging under the bushes, where he was relatively safe. Since we didn't think it wise for Blynken and the dogs to share the yard at the same time, Helen would put him back in his cage so the dogs could have the yard for a while. Yesterday he didn't want to return, but Helen caught him and caged him again. After the dogs had been out for a while, they were brought in and he was put back out, and stayed out most of the day.  Helen would come inside for long periods, leaving him alone, but he would still return her call when she whistled.

Today was something completely new. When Helen took him outside, he immediately took off, flying around the house and alighting on our pool enclosure. Later, Helen found him in a tree, but he would not come to Helen for food. Now, he doesn't respond to Helen at all. I guess he can feed himself and he can fly, and he is a wild animal, so if he doesn't need us anymore Helen had been very successful. When he was just bobbing along the ground, he never git the chance to go very far, but flying is a whole new ball game. He may be in the trees looking at Helen or he may be half a mile away looking at greener pastures. At least there are three Labs who will gladly take back their domain any time they want.

Nothing like a bath to make a bird feel good.

AAAHHH, just the right temperature!

Hunting for a tasty morsel.

I know....I'm a handsome devil.

There's a goody!


  1. So Glad to hear that Blynken is flying and returning to a wild state, Helen has another job well done in rearing a lost baby.Just to survive a 980 mile trip in the nose of a bouncy 5th wheel is a miracle.Wonder how he will explain his MO accent to the Florida birds.Just today I found evidence of another nest being constructed in the fiver hitch.I guess I will just let nature take it's course and check it before I take it out again.Maybe it's the same Mom and she likes the dark place to shelter her nest.Hope all is going well. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Helen is truly a miracle worker.