Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keeping busy with a week to go.

I have been keeping busy, but you know how it is when you're getting ready to travel. A lot of little things crop up. We still see a pair of reddish brown wrens near the rear of the motorhome and now they're carrying worms and bugs. Helen and I have BOTH been crawling around under there and have found NOTHING. I went out at night with a flashlight and still saw no evidence of birds at all. No straw or nesting materials, no parts of hatched eggs, and no droppings. I even opened up the hatch under the bed and still found nothing. It's a puzzling situation.

The door lock on the right rear door of the Jeep failed and I bought a replacement off Ebay. $29.00, which I think is a steal.

I took a picture of the old lock assembly so I would know that the control arms would go back to their proper location. It wasn't necessary as I found that they are actually two different diameters and though the smaller one could go into either place, the larger one had only one place to fit.

Years ago I had a number of tire pressure monitors stolen at a campground in Massachusetts. I'm pretty sure that it was kids who thought that they would light up when the tire is moving. We were both disappointed. I ordered replacements with locks and used the locks for a couple of years. I didn't use the locks on the trip to Mexico and the ones on the Jeep were stolen. That will teach me to park in a public road between two churches. Darn Padres. Ah, well, we'll have the memories of Patzcuaro forever. At any rate, I put the new sensors and locks back on and programmed the dash unit. It didn't go perfectly well, so I downloaded the directions off the Pressure Pro website and followed them exactly. Voila.

Another task that I'm working on is removing the scratches that we have on the passenger side of the camper 7 to 10 feet off the ground. I can't remember where we went when we did this. It's more important to us to see places and things than to maintain our camper in pristine condition. Don't get me wrong, it was never in pristine condition and will never be. The good thing is that a power buffer and some very fine polishing compound is making the sides look like they were just painted.

This afternoon Helen and I made another trip to Gainesville, Florida to help transfer two more Labrador Retrievers from Valdosta, Georgia to New Port Richie, Florida. One was a very handsome chocolate lab that had run out of time at the animal shelter, so we got him out in time. He is about a year old and is amazingly powerful. He's much smaller than our labs, but he almost had me on my butt a couple of times. The other one was a delightful black female, still really a puppy at 6 months. The people who adopted her found that she was too much to handle and she was digging holes in their yard. She was just a puppy!!! She was a deal doll on the way home, lying down all the way and giving  us no trouble at all. The male was just neutered two days ago and was wearing a c one to keep him from licking is incision. The cone was driving him and us crazy. Pat, our Lab Lady from New Port Richie was waiting for us when we got home, so I had no time for pictures. Her husband, Lewis, may send me some which I will post. These were two very cute, very adoptable labs and I have no doubt that LRROF will find them fine Forever Homes.

Finally, I  am finished with my doctors until October. I had a problem with blood iron or lack thereof, but all is well now. In fact, the only thing still wrong with me is I'm still fat. The good news is that I'm still losing weight and can now fit into more stylish clothes. HOORAY!!!!! It was 1987 when I last weighed this little, relatively speaking.

That's all folks!


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  1. great job on the fix...hopefully there are people that take over for you transporting those beautiful animals...too bad people dont do a little research before they get a dog...labs are so full of life, and they are "puppies' until about 3, then they turn into teenagers :-), but they give back much more than they take.
    personally didnt see where you needed to lose much weight.