Friday, July 20, 2012

SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! well mostly success


I had a mixture of successes and problems today. As I left off yesterday, I had the rebuilt jacks in the garage and today I worked on getting them installed. Knowing how much room that’s needed to be able to work on these, I first removed the front right wheel. No problem! I wanted to mount the front right jack and again no problem. Attaching the pressure hose and switch connection was no problem and putting on the return springs was a breeze.

Before I went any further I wanted to see if the front jacks worked, so I turned the leveler system on and making sure that I didn’t touch anything to do with the rear, I lowered the front jacks. I worked well. I tried to retract and the rebuilt jack returned faster that the old one on the left side. I put the jacks down again and took out the jack stand and bottle jack and replaced the front wheel. Two more cycles on the jacks and success each time. GREAT!!!

Then I moved to the left rear, meaning I had to remove the rear dual wheels. The outer wheel was a little hard to get off the last time and when it finally came off. the aluminum wheel cracked me in the head and drew some blood. It also left me with a lump. Aware of the danger, I rested my head on the tire as it came free and there was no additional injury. The inner tire came off easily. Getting the rear jack in place was very easy also, but I could NOT connect the pressure hose. I tried and tried and finally disconnected the jack, rotated it a bit and pushed it further up, so I could see the connection.


This is the top of the jack as seen through some steel that I cut away for access. I cannot get my hand in from this side and have to get there from underneath, reaching up between a compartment and the chassis.


This shows how the connection has to be made. I need one hand to turn the nut and another to bend the stiff hose so the fittings align. Several dozens of times I tried and failed. :(

Finally, shortly before 9:00 PM I got the connection made and took a couple of turns on the connection. Then something fell on my face and got between my face and my eyeglasses. I was haunted by mosquitoes, but this was bigger and fuzzy. Enough is enough! I had made the connection and that’s the most important thing. Tomorrow I’ll tighten it up, attach the return springs and replace the tires and I’m not anticipating any problems. I hope any rain and lightning holds off until the afternoon.

When I downloaded the last pictures I found some turkey pics that Helen took while was having my siesta. It was SOOOOO hot and I stopped working to take a cool shower and relax. Apparently I relaxed to the max. The turkeys were heading to the water that sprays from the outlet of our water cooled air conditioners.


Helen said that there were a whole bunch of the turkeys and we’ve seen them before. Sometime there’s a hen turkey with ten or more poults (I just grabbed that off Google).

That’s it for today. I’m working safe, Sam, jacks, jack stands, and wood behind the wheels.

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  1. Good to see your getting the levelers back to normal. I am bending slide mounts here on the ranch. The bummer is with the long bed I never use the slide so it was either rusted or corroded in place until I put the tow strap on it to pull it out,The welding shop will heat it and press it flat again,one side had a pretty good bend in it the other side wasn't bad and could probably have been straightened with a sledge, but I opted on the side of retaining structural strength.The repair costs is $100. That seems the price of fixing anything related to an RV today. Once I put it back in it will stay until the truck goes.Hope you get your job done without any more problems, Pensacola is coming. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna....