Monday, July 30, 2012

Sun of a Beach


We’re still up here in Pensacola, enjoying the sun, the beach, and more. A few days ago we took a ride on the Ferris wheel at Pensacola Beach. When I say “we”, I mean Helen, Keaton, and Kyle. I DO NOT DO HIGH!!!


And, this Ferris wheel is 200 feet high.


There are 42 cars and each one is air conditioned, seating six to eight people. I’m only guessing because I wasn’t in one.


That’s me in the Jeep, far enough off the ground.


Pensacola Beach from the air.


This shot makes me dizzy.

They got 5 revolutions of the wheel and it certainly seemed that they were safe and secure, glass enclosed and air conditioned. They all claimed to enjoy it.


In the afternoon we visited Fort Pickens, which was actively used to defend Pensacola Bay from the enemy. The cannons evolved with the times, from huge, smooth-bore cast iron cannons to rifle barreled modern artillery of sophisticated steel using modern gun powder and capable of reaching out 17 miles with accuracy. Oddly, the only time the Fort was actually under siege was during the Civil War when the North controlled the fort and kept supplies from getting to the rebels. The Army engineer who worked on building parts of the fort switched to the Confederacy during the war. Born in Massachusetts, he became a slave and plantation owner and actually led a force against the fort. His effort failed and the US Army controlled all the forts along the gulf coast.


We found and easy way to control the boys, but the Park Rangers made us let them out.


Checking out one of the older guns.

The next day, Helen got her day at the beach. Kyle and Keaton seemed to enjoy themselves as much as they tried not to.


Kyle waiting for the perfect wave.


Setting up the beach site.


AAAHHHHH, the water is SOOOO good.


If your timing is off, you’ll get swallowed by the wave.

After the beach, we went back to the campground for showers and a change of clothes. Then we went to “Peg Leg Pete’s” for a late lunch. It has a phenomenal reputation. People line up before they open at 11:00 AM and there is a line all day and all night. There was a line when we got there, but we wanted a table for 4 and one was available.


She atmosphere was pretty good, our table overlooking LaFitte Marina, but the bar with music was right below us and it was not to my liking. The service by Ashley was excellent. The sode and lemonade was very good. The food???? Well, we will not return and we wonder why there is always a line.

In the afternoon, we made another trip to the dog park. You don’t have to wonder if they’re having a good time. It’s all too obvious that they, and all the dogs, are having a great time. This time, Keaton and Kyle wore their bathing suits and finally swam out to the raft, after the two girls who were out there finally left.




Coco is always up for a good time and nothing is off limits. The raft had a ladder and she scurried up with the boys with a ball. They would throw the ball and Coco would leap off the raft, get the ball, and return.


Jodie and Sandy were happy enough enjoying a slower pace in shallow water. All too soon, it was time to wash them off and leave. The dark sky and the distant rumble of thunder made that necessary. We took dog shampoo with us and Helen gave the three dogs a great bath. Again, I took one at a time to the car and towel dried them. It was a very good day.




  1. I'm with you NO high for me. Feet planted to the earth. Looks like you all had a good time ...pups too.

  2. Last time I was on a ferris wheel was at Six Flags, I hope that really was a last time. looks like you guys are having a ball. and the gilrs too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..