Monday, November 12, 2012

Isla Aguada


We are spending a week at the beautiful Freedom Shores of Isla Aguada. This is just off route 180, the main road between Mexico City and Campeche or Merida. From the campground we can see truck after truck heading further east along the Yucatan peninsula.


This is the beach through the windshield. It is really beautiful, but if I hear one word about a hurricane we’re out of here! There may be a tide, but I can’t discern a high or low tide, though I can see the current passing by. Each night around sunset dozens of hungry birds gather a hundred yards out to feast on the small fish. We find that the odd looking pelicans display an amazing dexterity in the air and are very efficient at catching fish. How that can glide, inches above the water for such log distances is awesome.


Sunset from our “patio” looking over the bridge from the west.IMG_9108

Our accommodations as seen from the beach. When we arrived here on Sunday afternoon, the place was jumping. There were several campers and there were people in the motel behind us, which is part of the compound. In addition, a lot of local people walk down the lane beside the compound to use the beach. Monday morning there was a couple from Winnipeg and us, and that’s the way it has been ever since.  They are a quiet couple, so all the noise around here is cause by our dogs, Coco in particular.

The worst thing is that the internet wifi advertised is not in service. My Telcel works on and off at random moments. Though the political ads drove me nuts when we were in the states, I WOULD like to know who gets elected in Florida and the Nation.

OK, this part is being written at the end of the week, Saturday evening and we’ll be leaving for points north east in the morning. It has been a mosdt enjoyable stay. This camp is immaculate with the help sweeping constantly. The staff is very polite and anything we ask is quickly granted. Thelma, the owner, is something special! This petite woman is in charge of the whole place and she does so like the captain of a ship. Everything is under her ever watchful eyes and nothing escapes her. Her restaurant, “La Gringa” is excellent. I looked at the menu tonight, but I just couldn’t pass up the shrimp one more time. EXCELLENT.

In the morning we will head for the ruins at Uxmal (pronounced ooos-mal). Bob and Pricilla, the folks camped beside ue will meet us there. There is another site of ruins on the way, but the books say to see the lesser one first, because you will never return after seeing Uxmal. I think Bob and Pricilla will try to stop if they have time. Helen and I choose to bypass and go to the better ruins. Does that make sense? It sounds funny talking about the “better ruins”. In the AM, I will take care of the de-camping ritual outside the camper while Helen battens everything down inside.

That said, it is now Saturday 11/10/2012, a little after 7:00 PM CST, but I have no idea when I can actually post this due to the terrible Wifi/Telcel stick coverage. Even when I borrowed a Moviestar stick from the management, I still couldn’t post a blog.


Trying to post again, 11/12/12


  1. great view from the windshield!!..glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. You scored another great campground, I'll bet the girls are happy with the beach, now that is my idea of a Mexican campground. I could lay out there and just soak in the beach.Hope all is well, we are thinking of you guys. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..