Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our first days in Progreso


At Isla Aguada, we were camped beside Robb and Percilla for the week. On Sunday, they left earlier and made two stops before getting to Uxmal were we met up again Sunday evening. Monday morning, Helen and I took our tour of the Uxmal pyramids and temples and then Robb abd Percilla followed us to Progreso. I believe that the campground is actually in Chelem, but it doesn’t matter as we’re only a short drive to Progreso.

The entrance to the campground is from a very narrow street and in order to get into the campground I had to brush up against the beautiful bougainvillea bushes. I didn’t realize that under the pretty blooms were several lines of barbed wire fencing. The side of the RV got scratched pretty bad and I’m not sure I can buff them all out. Given my choices, I would rather go where I want than worry too much about the cosmetics of the camper.

The first order of the day was to make a permanent repair to the air line. I looked at the hole and it was not in a position where it was abraded or subject to heat. It just blew. Using my sometimes trusty GPS, I went to Home Depot to get fittings to fix the break. They had some small PVC unions that you just insert the ends and you’re done. I didn’t think it would fare well at 130 psi. I wanted a brass connection where there are ferrules. You slide the cap over the hose and then put on the ferrule. When you tighten the cap, the ferrule is drawn into a tapered section that crimps the ferrule and seals the connection. All they had at Home Depot were flanged fittings. Surprisingly, all their copper pipe and tubing are in inches. Tubing was 1/4, and 3/8, and pipe was 1/2, 5/8/ and 3/4. Also, there was a LOT of copper pipe, much more than I’ve seen in a Home Depot closer to home.

The best I could do was come away with a short section of plastic tubing with a working strength of 130 psi and a bursting pressure of 500 psi. The air tube in the RV fits into the tube VERY tightly and I had to put some effort into inserting my green tube into the repair section far enough to feel comfortable. Then I added small hose clamps to hold it all together. I honestly feel that it will hold, but I will convert to the brass union when I get the chance.

One great thing about this campground is that there is a cell tower about 100 yards away. The signal to my Telcel stick is so strong that I was finally able to upload blogs and use my Phone Power system to call home. I wondered how I would know when my time would run out and I found out the hard way. I was chatting with my son for a while when the line suddenly went dead. I clicked on Google and there was a message from Telcel that I’m sure said that I had to add minutes to my system. I drove out of the campground heading for Progreso and as I entered the main street I could see lights in the other direction. I drove down and was able to “recharge” my internet stick at the Farmacia. Driving back to the campground, I wondered how long it would take for the credit to go through. I tried to call my son again and it went right through. I’ve got to admit that the system for adding minutes to your cell phone or internet stick is great down here. Shortly after we started the new conversation the line died again. I went back on Google expecting to see something from Telcel. Instead there was a message from Phone Power saying that their internet phone system was down. I wrote a quick note to my son and realized that it HAD to be time for bed.



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