Friday, January 18, 2013

A Change in the Weather and a Night in Akumul


In yesterday’s blog I remarked about what a great day we were all having at the beach, snorkeling, swimming, basking, and kayaking. It was all true as it was a most beautiful day, but as I was enjoying my little trip off shore a few hundred meters, the wind speed was increasing and a cloud bank was moving in from the north. When it was time for Happy Hour it was COLD, definitely COLD by my standard. Helen quickly headed back to our camper for a sweatshirt and I had her bring my fleece lined waterproof coat and I was warm at last, cozy warm, not hot. Over the course of several hours the temperature had plummeted from the mid eighties to the very low seventies.

IMG_3016 (Small)

Here Helen and I are “enjoying” the brisk evening breeze! Next on MY agenda was a HOT cup of coffee…..aaaahhhhh.

Later a group of eight of us trekked down to Akumul for an evening of dining and entertainment. Pat and Mike drove down with Rob and Shirley while Reed and Elaine rode down with us.


I was not sure where we were going so I just followed Mike to the proper location. As you can see, it was “Imelda’s” right by the entrance we use when we snorkel Akumul.


There was a limited menu but it was served buffet style and it was all good. Knowing the Gringo tastes, all the food was NOT spicy hot, but there was a hot green sauce if anyone wanted it. I’m not sure what the different foods were called, but I recognized “flan”, which was very good. All the dishes were tasty without being hot so I enjoyed every morsel. Also served was a drink using hibiscus flowers, a dip using pumpkin seeds, and a chicken main dish. Again, all was very good and Imelda seemed pleased that we went back for “seconds”.




We were treated to a medley of different dances from Mayan historical to Salsa. All gave a very spirited performance and we were taken with the Niño and his participation.


Then the floor was turned over to the Gringos and Rob was one of the first to take the opportunity. I believe that Reed, Mike, and I were able to pass on the opportunity to dance with the pretty Chicas. We certainly would have except for the back, knee, hip, and other joint problems. Getting old isn’t for sissies.


Here Pat is showing more activity than we normally see form our group. I’m sure that we all had a great time and got home just in time for bed. It was a full day for all of us starting with beach adventures in the morning and dinner theater at night. Whew!!!

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  1. We could have had a campfire here at the Ranch, but it would have been in the fireplace in the kitchen.To cold for outside. Today it got over 50degrees for the first time in awhile. Don't forget it's Pizza night. I have the dough thawing and Adam got here early since he got off a half day of school today. Not much else going on the electric is holding up so whatever Andy shorted out is disconnected. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna we miss you guys.