Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Beach of a Day


We’ve been having a grand time at the beach. A couple of days ago a group of us took a trip with Tacho to a lagoon just south of Puerto Adventuras. You can check it out on  Brenda'sBlog

It was a unique experience as the lagoon is where the fresh, cool water of the cenotes merges with the warm, salt water of the Caribbean. The lighter fresh water floats on top of the ocean water, so the surface is rather cool (COLD to me) and as you dive down a couple of feet you get into the nice warm Caribbean Sea. That was a few days ago.

A few days ago, which means two or three days or possibly a week or two, I bought a small kayak at the local City Club, a store much like Sam’s Club, only cheaper. I have been looking at kayaks for quite some time, wanting one to use back in Florida, but I never got around to getting one. This was so cheap during an after Christmas sale that I couldn’t refuse. Since I brought it home, we have had nothing but high winds and high surf, not where I want to try out my new toy. Yesterday afternoon the winds died right down and it looked good to go. All I had to do was wait until all the tourists left the beach so I could save myself the embarrassment of failure. Just before dark the time was right. I took the kayak to the beach and floated it out. I got on and headed out, only to be completely upset in the shallow water. On my second try, I was able to keep the kayak heading directly into the surf and actually got through.  After paddling for only a few minutes I headed back in, making sure that I was perpendicular to the waves. In about half a heart beat the kayak slid sideways and overturned. The waves took it right into shore and left me in a foot of water and covered with sand. Oof!

Today was a completely different story.

DSC09351 (Small)

With my eyes on the waves, I managed to get through the raging surf without incident. It’s a LOT easier in the daytime when you can actually see the waves. Last night I was a bit impetuous, trying my luck in the near dark.

DSC09362 (Small)

This is John Kobak and he is a kayaker on the other end of the spectrum. You might notice that I ride ON TOP of my kayak while John rides INSIDE his. He is qualified to run Stage 5 rapids, which are the most difficult that are considered passable. He can also do that roll over and get back up stuff. If I had a kayak like his, my trick would be the roll over and drown stuff.  John has helped me with some words of instruction.

DSC09364 (Small) 

Here we are together for a moment as John is telling me how to lean into a wave. I paddled a few hundred yards and returned to shore. John REGULARLY paddles several miles to Puerto Adventuras and back. In time, I will work up to……..400 yards, maybe 500 yards. I’m out to have fun my way. John is way too experienced and fit to go at my pace. Check out John’s Blog at:

DSC09378 (Small)

Coming back through the surf, I was the model of concentration. There were people on the beach now and I really didn’t want to look too stupid.

DSC09382 (Small)

LANDFALL!!! I did it and I didn’t roll over. Time to quit while I’m ahead.


DSC09348 (Small)

Reed getting ready to do some snorkeling. It turned out to be a busy beach day for the campers at Xpu-Ha.

DSC09355 (Small)

Here is Reed’s better half, Elaine, making sure that he has the right fins on the right feet.

DSC09385 (Small)

Ann is REFUSING to go for a ride on my kayak….imagine. She didn’t pass up the chance to go snorkeling with Helen, though.

Pat and Mike were also out there snorkeling on the first reef. From the view in the kayak, the water looked very clear. With little surf there was not a lot of suspended matter in the water, unlike the day Helen and I went a few weeks ago. In fact, when Helen returned, she mentioned the fact that thee were a LOT more fish to be seen, including some good sized parrot fish.

I cut today’s trip a little short because I am new to the sport and the wind was starting to pick up. As I sit in my camper, I can hear the wind worrying the awning and I’ll have to look into making a change.

Now I can look forward to taking my Kayak up the Rainbow River back home instead of just looking forward to all the work to be done on the house, motorhome, Lincoln, Jeep, etc.




  1. Looks like I will be looking for a kayak, maybe a used one, Donna would never get in one, but now I will have a kayak buddy, I would like to be able to do a float in one on the river we took the boat ride in, Tomorrow is pizza night, I went out today and got some frozen dough, it is so easy to make after you let it thaw all day and rise. Paul are you on medicare, I am being swamped with medicare paperwork since I am within a couple months of 65. Let me know in and e-mail what you do for supplements if there needed or what.That's about it for now. Have fun in that Kayak. Sam & Donna....

  2. looks like the two of you are enjoying yourselves!! thanks for the fine recap!