Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another wonderful day in paradise.

Oh, joy!! It's a gray, cold day in Inverness.........again. What a pleasant surprise to hear the sleet bouncing off the pan roof outside the kitchen. The weather channel refers to this as "ice pellets". As I write this I am chilled to the core and as soon as I'm done writing I'm going to add blankets to the bed and hibernate for the day.

I went out to get the papers and took an umbrella, but it was not necessary. It wasn't rain and the ice just bounced off the umbrella and me. The dogs were out for a short while (very short as they don't like this any more than I do). When they came in, their backs were cold but dry. As I said, it wasn't rain and the ice just bounced off. I'm sure that when I hibernate in a few minutes, Jodie and Coco will join me.

Tomorrow is supposed to get down to 16, and probably two degrees colder at our house. Veracruz, Mexico is 70 degrees today falling to 60 at night.

See you in the spring!

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