Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nineteen Degrees.............How Nice!

19 degrees this morning was a bit of a shock to my system. Especially since the low for this morning back in Carver, Massachusetts was 21. Even Portland, Maine was only 21 this morning. This is a travesty of meteorological justice. It irks me that the CEO of Progress Energy is probably chuckling about the increased revenues coming in shortly.

Back in Carver, we had a wood-burning stove in the cellar and on a day like this I'd be sitting beside the stove reading. Eventually, the side nearest the stove would get so hot that it would become uncomfortable, so I'd simply move so the other side would feel the heat. I could stay down there for hours, putting another log in from time to time and changing position as required.

Here in Florida we decided that we didn't want a fireplace or a wood stove. How cold could it get in Florida? We had a friend who used to live in Orlando many years ago and he claimed that once or twice a year he actually had frost on his windshield, but it never got really cold. 19 degrees is cold. Not only is it below freezing, but it's 8 degrees colder than the previous record cold for this date. If that's not enough, there is a possible prediction for SNOW this weekend in northern Florida. Does that include us? I certainly hope not, though we did see snow flurries here quite a number of years ago.

I complain, but at least I don't have to work in this. As I recall, making the rounds outside the nuclear plant, at night, with the temperature in the 30, it was damn cold! Of course that's tight on the Gulf and the damp cold is terrible.

Today, I didn't even leave the house. There was a book to be picked up at the library, but I got Helen to do that for me. She has always accepted the cold much better tan I ever did. A little hot I don't mind, but give me a chill and I'm dead.

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