Monday, February 7, 2011

A job completed

Today I finished pressure washing the driveway. Here is the picture of the driveway mostly done.

And here is the finished job.

I moan and groan, bitch and complain, but that's what I do. Actually, washing the driveway is a once a year project and it takes about 5 hours. It's warm out and I can do the job in shorts and a tee shirt. Now, I have to compare that with Sam in Missouri or my brother back in Massachusetts who has no place left to put the snow. He works at Logan Airport in Boston, and they're having a real problem there, too. It seems that there is a law against dumping the snow in Boston harbor due to the contaminants in the snow, fuel and oil leakage, de-icing chemicals, salt for using on walking areas, etc. The airport has a designated dumping area where these chemicals will be filtered through the ground and dissipate before getting to the harbor. This year the dumping area will hold no more snow and they are dumping directly into Boston Harbor. It's bothersome I suppose because the harbor used to be very polluted, and there has been a great effort to clean it up in recent years. It's no secret that striped bass and bluefish have returned to the harbor, proving that the water is better quality than it has been in years. Still, a winter like this has been a great burden on much of the north. Pressure washing the driveway is nothing compares to shoveling snow.

When I lived up north, I had to shovel the driveway in order to get to work. I guess it wouldn't be so bad now that I could just curl up with a good book and wait for the snow to melt, but warmer is better. It's SOOOOO much better.



  1. Wow great job on the driveway wish ours looked that way without snow on it..The only one that like's the snow is Annie she loves playing in it.

  2. Good job Paul, and thank's for thinking of us,the snow is piled up about 4-5 feet at the edns of the driveway and about 3 feet along the sides, actually I can thank my Son Andy, as he has done the lion share of the the plowing even getting up at 04:00AM like I do to get an early start, you can't wait till it's over, but we do it in about four inch increments and it's easier to keep up with it, just like the grass growing you can't let it get ahead of you or Johh won't be able to puish much in each swipe,after the last run Andy spreads salt out so when the sun finally does bring it above the freezing mark the driveway will be bare. Rigg's love to run and romp in the snow and roots and throws it up with his nose.Sadie is just bewildered since she is so small and it's a lot taller than her, we shoveled a small area out for her as her potty zone. and she' runs right to it does her thing and comes running back to the door. We had the kids this wekend and Andy & Samantha took them sledding. I remember those days.I had an Uncle that had a junkyard so every winter I would go with my Dad and get a car hood and he would strip any ornaments or chrome off it and polish it smooth and wax it and then tie a rope in the front and that was our makeshift sled.Hope the girls are all feeling well, give them hugs and pets all around, and if you have a High Life in the fridge have one for me. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I just got done shoveling the end of the driveway where the snowplow pushed it all up. FUN times!

  4. you are soooo right! It is a lot better then shoveling snow... and you did a great job!!! Looks like new~~~ Hve fun & travel safe