Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working and day dreaming

Well, now that he weather has warmed up a bit, I've been very diligent in getting to work around the house. When we have a cold snap, every fiber in my body wants to hibernate. Of course I can't hibernate, so I find the warmest place in the house and put on as much body fat as I can.

I worked two days for the AARP TaxAide. The rest of the week has been spent getting things done. Today I've had a fire going most of the day as I continue to burn the remains of downed trees and brush. With the fire going well in the back (I have a new leaf blower), I started to pressure wash the driveway. I got that about 80% done when the machine ran pout of gas. It was fortunate because I ran out of gas at the same time. Now it's time to latch onto a couple of ibuprofen to chase away the aches and pains. Pressure washing is a no brainer. Once the engine is running you just move the wand back and forth. It gives me a chance to day dream while I'm actually getting some work done.

My mind keeps going over the lunch we had last Monday and all the full timers we met there. Now why am I doing all this work around the house? I DO have a beautiful home on 2 1/2 acres with a pool, cabana, and an authentic Finnish sauna. Do we use the pool and sauna in the winter? Of course not! In fact, just as soon as the pool water gets above 85 degrees, I cover the pool, shut down the pump, and go away for the summer. When we return, it's nice for a few weeks until it cools off too much, and then the only ones who enjoy it are the dogs. Helen and I have always said that full timing is not for us, but as we get older............. Helen even mentioned the possibility of selling the house and buying a nicer RV to live in full time. That was a shock to me!

I already take care of a motorhome and a tow car. However, I also take care of another car and a house. Winters in Mexico is sounding pretty good. The information I get off the RV.NET about camping in Mexico really interests me. The pictures of the beautiful Pacific coast beaches and campgrounds are really inviting. We could pass through Florida in the spring and summer to see family. There is no reason why we should have to endure temperatures too hot or too cold when we have the RV that we can take anywhere. I'm paying more attention to the blogs of the full timers. I guess I'm still a kid at heart and I'm always looking for the next adventure.



  1. See, you never know what will come of a meet-up with a bunch of RVers....LOL!

  2. talking with people who think alike..sometimes makes a day seem so much better!

  3. WOW...look at you guys! Being in warm weather ALL the time would be neat! We used to be interested in fulltiming it, but our trip to AK got us over our motorhome curiosity. No we have no desire. Of course that trip was with our 3 kids, with the youngest being 4. That puts us at the very minimum 18 years from even being in the position to be fulltimers. So who knows!?

  4. Sounds like a plan that is for sure... It was fun meeting you guys and I hope to see you both again on the road or here. We love full timing and and at 7 years we still do not miss a house far. But it is a very personnal decision that one has to be comfortable with. It was right for us!
    Have fun and travel safe

  5. Our main worry right now is how to afford health insurance after Donna retires, we won't be able to sell the house until that hurdle is met, then we will attempt our dream's still cold and snow up our way, Give the girls hugs all around from us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.