Friday, October 28, 2011

44 years and counting

Today Helen and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. What did we do? We took off in the motorhome with the three dogs and drove to Breezy Palms Campground in Palm Bay, Florida. My brother has a house a mile or so away and we went there to catch up on family stuff. Later we went out to supper at "The Shack" a nifty seafood restaurant on the intercoastal waterway. Then we went back to Rick's house to chat some more.

This is the first time the motorhome has been out in a long, long time. I don't know how much is my imagination, but it seems to ride a lot better with the new Koni shocks. I do know that it drives better than it ever has before. You can chalk that up to the shock and alignment. Of course, one RARELY does anything with a motorhome that doesn't require more work. I got a new cable to the TOAD and apparently it's wired different than the original. I will have to address that before we head west. Another thing that I have to check is the mileage since the last transmission fluid and filter change. That may be due. The Jeep will definitely require an oil and filter change next week. The pool will have to be shut down and covered, pipes drained.

Heading into our 45th year, Helen and I have a busy time getting ready to head south of the border.

More later.


  1. happy happy 44th anniversary!!..enjoy your adventure this weekend in the motorhome!!

  2. Your guys have a great anniversary, 44 years wow, we haven't reached 40 yet.How come Helen looks so much younger than you? Ha Ha.Hey be safe out there, and watch out for low leaping kangeroo's. those babies can hurt ya. Sam & Donna...

    How did Sandy handle her 1st trip in the MH?

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary and many more to come. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. Have fun, it won't be long and you will be on the road to new adventures.

    Kevin and Ruth