Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football and more football

The past several days have been a whirlwind of football activity for the Tempesta family. You've been exposed to the football exploits of my grandson, Kolbie, but this week we saw his older brother, Branden, in action also.

It started Thursday evening between the Brandon High Eagles and the Riverside Sharks. This was a junior varsity game under the lights. My memory is not as good as it used to be, so my figures may not be accurate. However, the first half was a Sharks runaway as they led at the half 12 to nothing. In the second half it was completely different with the Eagles holding the Sharks to no more points as the Eagles soared (pun intended) to 30 or 32 points. It was a very exciting game and the first we've seen at the high school level.

Grandson Branden, 5'11'' and 220 pounds. Offensive lineman. Got all his physical prowess from Helen's side of the family.

It was an exciting game, especially with the come-from-behind win. There was a big difference between this game and the ones we've seen the eight year olds play. Two hundred pound running into each other has a LOT more impact than the smaller kids. Even with all the padding and equipment, One of the Sharks was taken out in an ambulance. He was not too badly hurt, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Branden is built like a brick and if he were to tear into me, I'd be ready for the hospital if not the mortuary.

Helen and I were joined by Heather and Scott of course as well as granddaughter , Kourtnie. Also there were Heather's father, Step mom, and sister. It was a rousing time and the football fever pitch was high.

Saturday morning we were again in the Brandon area to view Kolbie's game. This was the Cowboys against the Brandon Lions, a team Branden played on a few years ago. The weather was perfect and the teams were certainly energetic. This game followed the same path as the Thursday night Eagles game, with the Cowboys falling behind at the start. It was almost comical as the ball kept being moved back and forth due to infractions rather than play. The whistle would blow and someone would be off side and the ball would move. It affected both teams, hence the back and forth movement.

A lot of the action is with my grandson, Kolbie, number 67, and the versatile Jericho Joseph number 2. They had practice Thursday night but came to the Eagles game later. I caught this picture of the two hellions out of uniform.

I had only seen Jericho on the field, and I was surprised at how small he is. On the field he is a force to be reckoned with. He plays offence and defense and does both very well. He and Kolbie are a good match and seem to work very well together.

Kolbie flipping the ball to someone.

Handing off to Jericho and.....

Jericho running it in for a touchdown.

Kolbie running to the left for another touchdown.

Behind the glasses is grandson Branden as a fan of the Cowboys.

This game was as exciting as the game on Thursday. What the Cowboys lack in size, they make up for in enthusiasm. In the end, The Cowboys came from behind and posted a 32 to 13 win. I confess that it's an approximation based on my recollection, but it's pretty close to the truth.

It was a really great couple of days with the family. Everyone in good cheer and no strife. Hooray!!!

Today is a perfect day in Florida. It has been utterly fantastic for the past several days, though I confess that it's a bit chilly in the early morning when I get the paper. So as good as the weather is today, we still have our plans to be in Mexico in less than a month. The motorhome will be washed soon, and perhaps waxed, but I'm not positive. I'm already getting the stuff needed to cover the pool for the winter and I'm being as organized as I can be, which is not nearly enough.

OK, I've got to get crackin'.....later.


  1. You sound like a proud grandparent and you should be..

  2. Ah the Grandson's playing football, I only had one out of my four boys play football in high school , my son Tim, of course he excelled, and won many a girls heart on the field.Be glad those guys are enjoying great health, and healthy sports. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. What good looking grandsons. So nice that Kolbie has learned the team work aspect of the game so well at his age. Andy never played football (Mom's choice not his) but soccer, basketball where teamwork is crucial like football and so many of the kids at that age love to grandstand and be the center of attention, so it is rare to have a boy like Kolbie and his buddy.
    Donna W.